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Rocketman Soars With Warts and All Elton John Story [Review]

'Rocketman' Soars With Warts and All Elton John Story [Review]

After 2018's biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, about Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, it seems that it's time for retrospectives looking into the lives and careers of some of the late 20th-century musical icons. However where  Rhapsody was a super-sanitized and wildly fictionalized account of Mercury's career, the new Rocketman, starring Taron Egerton as the similarly unique Elton John, is a fantasy-laced full-bore musical that carries far more truth and energy than it's predecessor. 

Godzilla is Like Avengers but with Kaiju and Pesky Humans [Review]

'Godzilla' is Like 'Avengers' but with Kaiju and Pesky Humans [Review]

So, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is one of those movies that every genre fan wishes would come along. Unfortunately, as every Dungeons & Dragons player knows who came across a way to get a wish – it needs to be carefully spelled out, otherwise you're likely to get something that's not quite what you'd […]

Everyones a Critic: How do Ratings and Reviews Work

Everyone's a Critic: How do Ratings and Reviews Work?

I've been often asked about what my review rating scores mean. What's a 6 vs a 7? Is a 5 a recommend thing or not? Why are critics so negative all the time? I wanted to take some time this holiday weekend to come up with some of my own answers to the questions. One […]

Aladdin Grants Wish of Being Enjoyable But Cant Escape Origins [Review]

'Aladdin' Grants Wish of Being Enjoyable, But Can't Escape Origins [Review]

It's become clear with the changing of the content landscape that Disney has long since abandoned hope of doing what'd it had done for nearly a century – re-releasing their classic films every few years to bring in another round of box office revenues. So instead of still having the originals, we're stuck with their […]

Brightburn Asks: What if Clark Kent Grew Up Evil [Review]

'Brightburn' Asks: What if Clark Kent Grew Up Evil? [Review]

Leave it to Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn to produce a tight little thriller like 'Brightburn'. Written by James' brother Mark and cousin Brian, they take the classic origin story of Clark Kent/Superman, and throw it into a spin that would make Quentin Tarantino proud. It's wicked, graphically violent, and perfectly solid way to […]

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is Cute and Enjoyable but Never Evolves [Review]

'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' is Cute and Enjoyable, but Never Evolves [Review]

It's been with trepidation that fans of Pokémon have been awaiting the arrival of the first live-action adaptation of the mega-franchise to the big screen. From the first images of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu's screen-version of Pikachu as a furry and learning that it would be Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds giving the little yellow guy his […]

Hellboy is a Good Film Trapped in the Body of a Terrible One [Review]

'Hellboy' is a Good Film Trapped in the Body of a Terrible One [Review]

Any horror fan has seen at least one or two films where a possessed human fights against monsters to keep them under control and contained within them (it's that whole good vs. evil within us metaphor for beginners); unfortunately it's also a perfect analog to the new reboot of 'Hellboy'. Somewhere inside is a really […]

Pet Sematary Reminds Us Sometimes Dead (and Not Remade) is Better [Review]

'Pet Sematary' Reminds Us Sometimes Dead (and Not Remade) is Better [Review]

Every year it seems we're faced with the premise that some studio is going to drop an adaptation of one or more of Stephen King's stories. This time it's back to a new version of his 1983 novel Pet Sematary with a script by authors Jeff Buhler (Nightflyers) and David Kajganich (Suspiria) from a story by […]

What We Do In the Shadows Slays in the Best of Ways [Review]

'What We Do In the Shadows' Slays in the Best of Ways [Review]

It was back in 2014 that Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi brought their small-budget indie film, What We Do In The Shadows, to Sundance. Their unique spin on a spoof of MTV's venerable Real World format of a documentary crew following around a set of housemates and chronicling their mundane dramas was novel by its […]

Fighting With My Family: Enough Heart for WWE Fans and Non-Fans Alike

'Fighting With My Family': Enough Heart for WWE Fans and Non-Fans Alike

Fighting With My Family, the new origin-story chronicling the real-life rise of Saraya-Jade Bevis to become WWE superstar Paige, is something entirely unexpected – a wonderful, well-performed, self-assured, success. Drawing a direct parallel to the film from professional wrestling isn't entirely off-base: it tells a story that's not entirely true (things are embellished and over-emphasized for […]

Alita: Battle Angel is a Blast Sets a New Bar for 3D [Review]

'Alita: Battle Angel' is a Blast, Sets a New Bar for 3D [Review]

Sure, traditional superheroes have successfully  made the leap from comics to  the big screen, however when it comes to manga, the success rate has been more subdued. I'm thrilled to say that while Alita: Battle Angel is unlikely to threaten Blade Runner on anyone's top films list- it's a vibrant universe, well-paced, action-filled, and a fine […]

Isnt it Romantic: As Unromantic As it is Terrible [Review]

'Isn't it Romantic': As Unromantic As it is Terrible [Review]

I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to romantic comedies, I'll admit it. I've seen 50 First Dates, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Bridget Jones's Diary more times than I'd like to admit. I've largely enjoyed Rebel Wilson's performance across the 1st and 3rd Pitch Perfect movies (let's all ignore the second one even existed). […]

Netflixs Mind-Bending Russian Doll is Your Next Binge-Watch [Review]

Netflix's Mind-Bending 'Russian Doll' is Your Next Binge-Watch [Review]

While settling into to watch Netflix's latest limited-series Russian Doll, we didn't have a lot of advance knowledge about it. We'd heard something about it being a suitable watch for the Groundhog Day weekend, but it'd actually snuck in under the radar until it landed on our Netflix home screen. The lead, Natasha Lyonne(being one of our favorite […]

Netflixs IO: Thoughtful Science Fiction But Worth Your 2 Hours [Review]

Netflix's 'IO': Thoughtful Science Fiction, But Worth Your 2 Hours? [Review]

There's nothing at all wrong with moderate-budget/limited-cast science fiction films that are more thought experiments than robots and explosions. So stepping into Netflix's latest entry IO–with a total cast of three, and a trailer that looks like a variation on the Last Person on Earth theme–there wasn't any particular reason for trepidation. Unfortunately, it feels like […]

Netflixs Polar is a Stylized Blend of The Professional Smokin Aces [Review]

Netflix's 'Polar' is a Stylized Blend of 'The Professional', 'Smokin' Aces' [Review]

Netflix's latest feature film release, Polar, is an enjoyable carnival ride of violence and mayhem that will directly appeal to fans of the Smokin' Aces and John Wick family of films about assassins/agents who wind up being marked for "retirement" by their friendly local governments/crime bosses and they choose not to go down without a […]