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Add More Vintage Disney Store Magic With This Adorable Mickey Statue!

Over the past few days, we've been sharing with you the impossibly whimsical Disney Store statues on Heritage. These statues were on display as Disney Stores across the US in the 1990s, and now you can bring a piece of the magic home. Who's the leader of the club? Why Mickey Mouse is. The Disney Store was filled to the brim with Mickey's iconic smiling face. The Disney Store at my local mall had a tile mosaic on the ground as you walked into the store. Sadly my local mall has since been demolished — and is now a Costco. I got to see the Disney Store after it has been closed, and something was unsettling about these statues looked at you from a gated store with all of the lights off.

Thankfully I've since gotten over that time in my life, and I still find the Disney characters to be largely charming. These statues made me feel like I was in a Disney Park as a child — even though my parents never took me. This was as close as I got to the magic, and I love seeing these displays come up for sale. 

This three-piece display features Mickey Mouse hanging from a clock, as inspired by the Clock Cleaners cartoon. This brightly colored statue is sizeable, with a 28" tall Micky, a 15" tall bucket of "water," and a 36" cog. This piece is in excellent condition. This would look best hanging up — you can see the hooks on Mickey's hands. This will likely go for a pretty penny, as Mickey Mouse items always command more than his other counterparts. 

This rad item could be yours, but you'll need a Heritage account to bid. Accounts are free, and you never know what cool items you'll find there! Good luck and happy bidding. 

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