Barbarian Predator Mythos Statue Arrives at Sideshow Collectibles

There is a new Predator in the jungle as Sideshow Collectibles announces a new legendary bust. The Barbarian Predator is ready for the hunt with this beautifully sculpted 19" bust. This bigger brute is on the top of the food chain and they capture it here. From the spiny head, dreadlocks, mouth, and eyes, this statue shows high end detail. The Sideshow team brings him to life with earthen tone paints on the head and chest. This is one bust that predator fans will not want to miss out on.

Sideshow Collectible does an amazing job with these legendary busts. The high amounts of detail bring this statue to life and will be a centerpiece for any hardcore Predator fan. The Predator Barbarian Mythos Legendary Scale Bust by Sideshow Collectibles is priced at $650. Flexible payment plans are available so take advantage of it if you need to. This bust is set to release between November 2020 – January 2021. Pre-orders are already live and you can find him located here. There is a new king of the jungle and he will be sitting on your shelves this holiday season.

"Soon the hunt will begin." "Sideshow presents the Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust. Sideshow's Mythos series captures the limitless possibility of fan-favorite franchises by emphasizing core concepts and introducing unique ideas to popular fictional universes. The Predator Barbarian is a hulking jungle hunter who brings a new level of ferocity to the dangerous fight for survival."

"The polystone Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust measures 19" tall from the top of the beast's spiny head to the bottom of its detailed Yautja-aesthetic base, imbued with a sense of dynamic movement through the portrait and dreadlocks. This bigger, more brute-like alien warrior features heavily armored shoulders, detailed facial markings, and snarling mandibles, making it the last thing you want to see in a dense jungle setting. The Predator Barbarian embodies all the ruthlessness of the killer Yautja species, painted with the signature earthen tones and piercing yellow eyes that allow these hunters to camouflage and stalk their prey with deadly precision."

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