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CoolProps Unveils New Updated Alien vs Predator Bust
CoolProps has given fans an update for their life-size Scar Predator bust that was originally announced in 2018 The Alien vs Predator life-size Bust has been completely reworked, giving its a more realistic and accurate depiction of the Hunter from the film The movie-accurate statue is based on the original screen-used suit that was originally[...]
Barbarian Predator Mythos Statue Arrives at Sideshow Collectibles
There is a new Predator in the jungle as Sideshow Collectibles announces a new legendary bust The Barbarian Predator is ready for the hunt with this beautifully sculpted 19" bust This bigger brute is on the top of the food chain and they capture it here From the spiny head, dreadlocks, mouth, and eyes, this[...]
Star Wars Winning Bust Chosen by Gentle Giant Fans Revealed
Their Star Wars busts are always great to see and this will one fan will want to get their hands on. The 1/6th scale winning Star Wars Tessek bust will have pre-orders to start this month This bust will be exclusively available only to members of the 2020 Premier Guild which you can join here Members[...]
Infinity Studios is bringing Henry Cavill's Superman to life with a new DC statue bust This is no ordinary bust either as it is life size and hyper realistic It is from the movie, Justice League, and Superman is here to save the day and also your collection The bust stands quite tall at 2ft[...]
Pennywise Shows His True Faces with Prime 1 Studio
This time Prime 1 Studio does not just bring one but three terrifying IT statue busts Pennywise stands 16" tall and is highly detailed showing different expressions of this deadly clown The Dominant head shows his rows of teeth and a cracked forehead His serious face gives you a reason to not look as way[...]
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Queen Studios is bringing Alita: Battle Angel alive with two special limited edition statue busts The statues are of high quality and made of silicone, polystone, glass eyes, and artificial hair The first one is the standard edition that is limited to only 600 pieces and you can find her located here The next one is[...]
The Jokers Gets a Life Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles
You can see his eyes now as Sideshow Collectibles opens up pre-orders for their new life-size bust of The Joker The Joker Life-Size Bust stands 27.5" tall and rests on a silver base with rust styled paint on it The statue gives us Joker's crazy smile with an expression that can light up any room[...]
Tom and Jerry Get Wacky with New Soap Studio Statues
The Maneki Neko Bust Statue from Soap Studio is priced at $109 This bust is set to ship out between February 2020 and April 2020 and pre-orders are already live and you can find them located here. Let the cat and mouse game begin. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid[...]
Superman Shows Us the American Way with New Sideshow Bust
Sideshow Collectibles really captures that with their new Superman bust The Man of Steel is definitely an icon inside DC Comics and every time you see a collectible it just shows how iconic this character is Sideshow Collectibles has announced a new Superman bust that is here to save the day The bust stands at[...]
The Rocketeer and Mandalorian Get New a Busts from Diamond
You can now bring home your Rocketeer with a new 1:2 bust coming from Diamond Select The bust is 10 inches tall showcases his helmet as well as parts of the jet pack and upper chest features of our stuntman If the Rocketeer didn't really get you pumped maybe the upcoming Mandalorian bust will! He[...]
Star Trek Busts Are Here for You to Discover
Nothing says Star Trek like the ships captain nothing really says captains like a 1/2 scale bust Chronicle Collectibles has announced Anson Mount's portrayl of Captain Christopher Pike as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart's Captain Jean-Luc Picard will be getting some incredible bronze styled busts Both busts will stand between 13[...]
Star Wars Villains Gets Bust Style Statues from Diamond
Diamond Select Toys have an out at there'll be two new Star Wars villain busts coming soon The first one we will be getting is none other than Darth Maul But unlike previous ones, this is from his newest appearance in Star Wars: Solo movie The Crimson Dawn leader and this 1/6th scale Star Wars villain bust[...]
Wonder Woman Stands for Truth in New Sideshow Collectibles Bust
Sideshow Collectibles has recently announced a new DC Comics Wonder Woman bust The statue stands 9.5 inches tall and shows off the gorgeous Diana Prince with her Lasso of Truth in hand Unlike many busts, this one features Diana from the lower waist and up The base of the bust is designed after ancient Greek[...]
Deadpool Shows It All with New Bust By Sideshow Collectibles 
Sideshow Collectibles are sharing in that madness with the new Marvel Bust The bust measures 11 inches tall and he is getting battle-ready by drawing his katanas Except for this time, he seems to have cut off more than he wanted to reveal his guts in this bust This is an amazing way to show[...]
Gentle Giant Cable Bust 2
Cable is getting a new, classic look bust from Gentle Giant Complete with an absurdly large gun, combat knife on his back, and bared teeth face sculpt, this one should satisfy everyone who need to get their 90's mutant groove on He is made of polystone, and we run collectors $129.99 when he ships in[...]