We Built the Batman: The Merciless BAF From McFarlane Toys

In an alternate darker reality, Batman and Wonder Woman fall in love during their crusade to stop Ares, the God of War. However, Batman was consumed by the power, and he killed the one woman loved to become one with it. With the death of Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne becomes the mighty and intense Batman: The Merciless. DC Comics fans were finally introduced to this evil dark knight in the intense and deadly storyline, Batman Dark Nights: Metal. McFarlane Toys has perfectly brought his intense character to life as one of their newest figures that can be built in the recent build-a-figure wave. We have been slowly gathering the figures and the pieces since the wave released, and we finally are about to unleash Batman: The Merciless right here.

With the final pieces attached, this figure is massive, beautifully sculpted, and highly detailed. The detail on each piece is pretty amazing, with great attention to detail on Batman from the chain scales sculpted to the armor's shine. The Wonder Woman/ Batman symbol is nicely displayed on his chest that shines with the teal paint used. The figure is very large compared to other figures in the line, which is odd, making me slightly wish that Batman: The Devastator was the BAF, giving us a truly deadly massive figure for the Batman Dark Nights: Metal wave. The articulation is kind of rough and tight, which isn't unheard of with BAF creations. His legs are the strangest part with odd bending capabilities, but all in all, it's a solid figure. If you are Dark Nights Metal fan, like me, this figure will be great for your growing collection.

The Build-A-Figure concept is nothing new, and McFarlane Toys will keep the tradition live with a new wave on the horizon. In the end, this figure pretty much costs between $100-125 to create as each figure is priced between $24.99 and $29.99 depending on your selected retailer. It is a worthy figure to build in the end and each figure to create is a great figure to have, which is always nice. Batman Dark Nights: Metal fans will have a blast adding Batman: The Merciless to their growing DC Comics collection. McFarlane Toys is the only way to obtain this amazing figure, and fans can still find figures to build their own here.

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