Black Widow: Collectibles to Get you Hyped for the Movie

The next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Widow just keeps evading our grasp. Of course, there are more important things happening in the world but fans would love to take that break from reality and enjoy a good superhero flick. Black Widow is now set for a November 6, 2020 release and fingers crossed that the day stays. Until that day comes we here at Bleeding Cool have picked 3 of the best Black Widow collectibles fans can get right now for the anticipation of the film. Up first is the cheapest option with the ever-lovable Funko Pops. Funko nearly dominates the collectible world with its mass amounts of franchises and the upcoming Black Widow film already has its wave. Natasha Romanoff, Taskmaster, Red Guardian, and more are already popping and ready for your collection. There are plenty of exclusives too with that can keep those intricate collectors hunting. Fans will be able to find all the commons located here.

The next collectible to hold over Black Widow fans is from mighty Marvel Legends. Donning her new white costume, Natasha is ready for action wit this deluxe figure. Hasbro is taking a page out of the high-end collectibles book with this figure. She comes with multiple weapons, effects, and a display to have her posed in all the action. This figure is a new right direction for the Marvel Legends figure line and this is a figure Black Widow must have and can be found here.

This last collectible takes a step away from the live-action appears of the infamous Black Widow and looks to the comic book version. Kotobukiya started off their new Woman of Marvel statue series with the deadly widow. With a flawless sculpt, design, and curves this Black Widow is ready to kill and look good doing it. From a reflective styled base to the recreation of her classic costume this is one statue that hardcore Marvel fans will want and can be found here.

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