We Take A Look At The Overwatch Concept Art Sketch From Blizzard

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the hit game Overwatch, and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating. Overwatch 2 news and gameplay are starting to surface, but Blizzard focuses on this legendary series's origins. This month for the From the Vault Blizzard Gear Store Event, Overwatch made its debut with a special limited release 8" x 10" art print. The print showed off the sketch concept designs of various Overwatch heroes and villains, giving gamers and fans a closer look at their original start. Blizzard was kind enough to send us one of the art prints, and wow, this is a must-have collectible for any fan of the series.

As a historian, it is always a journey to see the origins of a product, and this limited-release art print is just that. Many of the original Overwatch cast of characters can be seen here, like Reaper, Tracer, Bastion, Genji, Symmetra, Torbjörn, and Echo. However, the other cast of designs shows us who could have been like the Widowmaker in the back that is locked and loaded with X-Men's Cable guns or the possible male version of Mei that was never meant to be. Other interesting characters are the Evangelion-looking Sniper in the front and the Winged Punk Girl in the back. I would imagine these could be previous designs for Ana and Pharah before modification took place. Maybe these extra characters are new heroes entirely, or maybe we can see costumes in the futile featuring here Original Concept Designs.

Overwatch fans will not want to miss out on owning this very unique limited edition art print. The Overwatch Original Sketch Concept Art Print will also feature an Embossed 30th Anniversary Blizzard Logo and will fit in the upcoming Blizzard Art Print Binder. The sketch is priced at $29.99 and will only be available till the end of the month, so be sure to get yours before it's too late here. Whether you're a fan of the lore, an avid gamer, or just love Blizzard Entertainment, you will want this Concept Art piece on your wall.

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