Disney Villains Rise with RSVLTS Newest Spooky Season Collection 

The Spooky Season is not over yet, and RSVLTS is summoning even more shirt collections this October. Their newest one takes us the right to the darker side of Disney and has some legendary Disney Villains arise! Three new shirts have been unveiled, spanning all over the Disney Multiverse as we visit places like Agrabah, Bald Mountain, and the depths of the Underworld. RSVLTS always knocks out their collaborations right out to the park, and if you are a Disney fan, then these are pieces you will droll over. The Disney Villains collection will consist of:

  • Neon Nightmare – Disney – (includes Women's Sizes)

    • Behold the power of Disney Villains! RSVLTS Neon Nightmare shirt unites iconic villains from all over Disney with Ursula, the Evil Queen, Hades, Scar, and the deadliest of all, Chernabog. An excellent neon design is captured here, keeping things a little sinister here, making sure each villain gets their time to shine. Wearers of this shirt can feel the power of villainy flowing through it, making sure all eyes are on you when you're rocking it.
  • The Villainous Vizier – Aladdin

    • Who wants to be a street rat when you can be the Royal Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah! This Kunuflex shirt brings the power of Jafar from the world of Aladdin to life with a subtle but striking red button-down. Scarabs and Jafar's portrait are placed perfectly placed throughout this shirt making sure everyone knows you are in charge. Just be sure to stay away from any Genie Lamps. 
  • Hades Gonna Hate – Hercules

    • Lastly, RSVLTS takes a trip to the Underworld for this delectable button-down capturing the spicy villain from Disney's Hercules. Everything you love about the Underworld is captured here from the River of Styx, the Cerberus, the Three Fates, and even the man himself. Hades blue, black, and grey colors are all features here, with an elegant Greek design to tie it all together. It is time to turn up the heat. 
Disney Villains Rise with RSVLTS Newest Spooky Shirt Collection 
Credit: RSVLTS

This Disney Villains x RSVLTS collection is packed with some of the best villains around and is a worthy addition to any wardrobe. The Hercules shirt is truly something special not only by capturing the artistic nature of Greece but capturing Hades in his natural habitat. All of these villainous shirts are set to arrive today at 4PM EST right here on the RSVLTS website as well as on their app. Be sure to check out some of the other Spooky Season button-downs as well to help get you into the Halloween spirit with Child's Play, Beetlejuice, Universal Monsters, and much more.

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