Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street Comes to RSVLTS

The horror scene is back as the Fall season has arrived, so, of course, Halloween is on everyone's mind. RSVLTS has been slowly releasing some incredible spooky franchises as part of their comfy and stylish KUNUFLEX shirts. So far, we have seen some great franchises come into the light with What We Do In The Shadows, Child's Play, Beetlejuice, and even Universal Monsters. Slashing their way out of the silver screen next is two legendary and iconic Slasher Franchises with Friday the 13th and The Nightmare on Elm Street.

Two new RSLVTS Tess have arisen starting with Sweet Dreams that turns the user into the one and only Freddy Kruger. This long-sleeved tee brings the iconic sweater designs as seen in The Nightmare on Elm Street to life with an amazing worn and torn pattern. RSVLTS then takes us back to Crystal Lake with their Friday the 13th Greetings from Crystal Lake tee. This elegant design shows off the iconic machete and hockey mask that Jason Voorhees is most notable for, and it will be an absolute hit for any Halloween party or just to show off your horror love. Both of these shirts are available right here at 4 PM EST right on the RSVLTS site. Be sure to check out some of their other amazing shirts to fill out your wardrobe and take your style to new geeky and comfy levels.

"One, two, Freddy's comin' for you. Three, four, better lock your door… Say what you want about Freddy Krueger, the man has some serious style. And in this long sleeve button down, inspired by Freddy's iconic shirt, you're going to look downright… dreamy? This shirt uses a slightly heavier version of our traditional KUNUFLEX™ fabric to help keep you warmer in the cooler months. Just, whatever you do, don't fall asleep. There's a reason we made this a button down and not a pajama set."

"Camp Blood? Death curse? Doomed if you stay here? No, not Camp Crystal Lake. This is just a nice place to spend the summer! Don't believe everything you read. This KUNUFLEX™ button down, covered in the iconic hockey mask and machetes of the Friday the 13th films, is a tribute to a man who's spent more time in that lake than anyone else: Jason Voorhees."

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