Funko Announces Exclusives Pop for WonderCon Part 1

It is pretty hard to still be able to see new Funko first this time and age but it looks like they can still surprise us. This time it looks like Funko is bringing some exclusive figures to this year's Anaheim Wonder Con 2020. This is great news for sticker collectors as these new figures will be sporting the WonderCon sticker on the packaging. Enough of this talk and let us dive right on into the first set of exclusives announced. First up is new Disney and Pixar Pops are heading our way. This time we are getting the Cheshire Cat in teacups from Alice in Wonderland which will go with the Disney Parks exclusive Alice in teacups that is already out. Then we are getting another Coco Funko Pop that features skeletons faced Miguel with a. Guitar. This figure is slightly similar to the original Pop release but with a little extra musical flavor. Next, we are diving into a galaxy far, far away as Boba Fett is back with a reversed coloring of the Target designer Black Pop.

Pokemon fans will be happy to know that two more Pokemon are getting Flocked versions fro WonderCon as Eevee and Pichu arrive. These are nice flocked version but seem a little unnecessary when we could continue to see new Pokemon Pop Vinyls. Funk has also announced two new Trolls figures that are featured in a rainbow body, kind of like the 10" Chase version of the Troll Pop. Each Troll has a different hairstyle either featuring red or blue color and the retrospective rhinestone on them too. The final Pop release that Funk gave us is my current favorite of the releases is that Captain Atom from DC Comic is getting a beautifully crafted figure. I honestly can't get over the design and the feel of this figure and for me, it is an immediate pick up.

Funko Announces Exclusives Pop for WonderCon Part 1

These figures will all be retailer exclusives and you can find out where they are scheduled to go on the Funko App and add them to your wishlist while you add it. Who are you excited to get? Stay tuned for more reveals as they come out of WonderCon 2020.

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