All the Funko New York Comic Con Reveals for Day 1

The first day of Funko's New York Comic Con was a success with some big reveals. There was a total of 12 Pops with 2 getting limited edition run with Pizza Rat coming in at 3000LE and NYCC Pigeon with 1500LE. Up got another convention exclusive that features Ellie and Carl in their adorable painted mailbox scene. Other highlights include two Pops from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter featuring Ron Weasley and his childhood home, The Burrows. Another Ad Icon has been revealed for NYCC with the Dum Dums mascot Drum Man and we got two new Disney Pops with Stitch and Jiminy Cricket. The biggest surprise from the entire first day was their Star Wars reveals with The Mandalorian and Star Wars; The Rise of Skywalker. However, the best one is the special 2-pack bundle with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in their Jedi Training gear. Not only does it give fans and collectors the return of Luke in his prime but we get our first canon collectible of Leia with her lightsaber. All of these reveals were splendid and it shows the vast variety of franchises that Funko has in the wheelhouse. Day 2 will have plenty more surprises, so stay tuned for all the NYCC 2020 reveals as they come.

The Virtual Con 4.0 has been officially revealed which means the canceled 2020 NYCC exclusives will be getting an online release. Just like San Diego Comic Con, these will all be released on the Funko-Shop in one big event. Some (not all) will be getting shared exclusives that will hit the usual chain of retailers like GameStop, Hot Topic, Target, Entertainment Earth, and more. Going off of the past Virtual Cons, the Funko-Shop will be the only way to get the official NYCC 2020 sticker and it with a 50/50 chance. New York Comic Con 2020 was expected to go between October 8-11 so expect a launch around then and located here. Most shared exclusives will most likely launch online at 12:01 October 9th as well as in-store that day while other online releases will happen throughout it with Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Walgreens, and more. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for all other NYCC 2020 reveals as they get announced.

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