Funko Fundays Box of Fun 2021 (Funko Force) Unboxing

Funko FunKon 2021 arrives this week, and I could not be more excited as new Summer Exclusives finally arrive. This year's virtual con is a little bit different than the previous one with an in-person Funko Hollywood component and, of course, Fundays! In the past, Funko Funday's has been a Press Event that is loaded with Funatic, giveaways, games, and of course, rare and limited decision Pops. This year marks the first Virtual Funday's event giving the general public the ability to get their very own Box of Fun. After entering a Lottery, lucky Funatics were able to buy a Box themed after one of the four teams competing he year at the Fundays Games. The teams consist of Proto Punks, Funatic Fury's, Pop Rangers, and my personal favorite, the Funko Force.

After a stress-filled week, I was lucky enough to win a spot to purchase one of these Boxes a day before Funko drops a general public release. For $100, collectors will get two boxes with this first box containing all the team-themed goodies, and some celebratory Pops to help you reprint your team. Starting us off first is the limited edition 5,000 piece Funko Force Knight King in all his glory. This Pop is loaded with incredible detail, and that crown on top is a very nice addition showing fans the upcoming winner of the Fundays Games.

Diving deeper into the Box we get some special Funko Force team gear with a bandana, pin, and bangers. We also got one of the new Pop Podium display units, which will allow fans to show off their Top 3 Pop Vinyls in their collection. These are all for watching the live stream Fundays event on August 6, 2021, which I am quite excited about. The goodies continue with more Pop Vinyls like the upcoming announcers for the event with Brian Mariotti and Mike Becker. This special two-pack will bring the fun of Fundays home like never before, making this an excellent addition to the first Box of Fun pack. Also included is Torchy, who is ready to begin FunKon in style and the games that follow.

As mentioned previously, this is just Part 1 of the Box of Fun as another box will arrive after the event giving collectors three limited decision Pop Vinyls. These will most likely be very limited Freddy Funko's lime past Fundays event, adding some Funko flair to their widely popular Pop figures. I am very excited to see what the actual live stream event will consist of and how Funatic will be able to participate to show off their team's love. Funko Force will, of course, be unstoppable this year as he will stand his grown to defend his land. Be sure to tune in here for all of the FunKon madness the rest of this week, with exclusives, giveaways, live streams, and fun releasing all week.

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