Funko Gives Tone Deaf Response To NYCC Lottery Debacle

The newly implemented Funko NYCC 2020 Lottery System has come and gone. The whole experience has seemingly left a bad taste in the mouths of many collectors. This is the first convention that Funko decided to "combat bots" to give the fans a fighting chance at the exclusives this year. Not long after their lottery announcement bot forums seemingly flooded with traffic that they had a supposable way to beat the system and get more of the lottery slots for themselves. On the day of the lottery, thousands of fans were waiting to get some news from Funko that emails would be sent out. However, Funko made no such acknowledgment of the emails going out and by 4 pm fans have learned emails were already sent and done. Photos circulated around the web showing off some lucky collectors who did get accepted and another picture featured multiple invites to the lottery on a single device. The rumor of a hacked lottery system flooded Funko which they seemingly gave a tone-deaf answer.

Funko Gives Tone Deaf Response To NYCC Lottery Debacle
Credit: Funko

Funko did say these rumors were false but did not ease any minds of collectors. They also did not mention how only members of the lottery will get access to all Pops including the FunkoShop exclusives. In years past, even when the convention circuit was still in effect, online fans had a chance for their online exclusives. This year fans have zero chance as they will now mostly all sell out after both lottery slot times take place. With a rumored 11,000 tickets sent out and a limit of 1 per Pop, this will make unlucky collectors completely miss these Pops. The NYCC Funko Lottery is a total disaster and sadly many fans won't even get a chance to get what they want without third-party flipper prices. I love Funko dearly and their collectibles are a massive part of my collection but this is just sad. I would have honestly preferred an SDCC online drop and take my risk with the bots because at least I had a chance. Funko's response was very unsympathetic and is really taking the "fun" out of Funko. Besides the Con Only and the FunkoShop exclusives, fans will have a chance to get some of these Pops in-store and online from other retailers on October 9th. Thankfully the only Pops I need this drop is the Robin Sparkles who can be found at Amazon and Danny Phantom who can be found at Target. Still, many collectors will not be able to get their desired collectibles for NYCC, so please pass it forward to help out your fellow collectors this year. Funko said if there are leftovers they will open the shop to the public after. It does not look like Funko wants to address the silliness of their site or help fans with alternative ways to get their products without hassle. Maybe the Pop Up Shop and mystery drop need to return to allow fans equality to obtain some of these collectibles.

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