Funko Fans Can Pop Themselves With New Pop Yourself Factory

Funko funatics can now Pop themselves as the company announces their new Pop People line. Coming exclusively to Funko HQ and Funko Hollywood, collectors will now be able to turn themselves into the collectibles that they love. Funko has already released something like this in their Everett shop, where fans can pick a variety of  Pop pieces creating their own custom vinyl figure. It now looks like Funko is stepping up their game as they are adding more realistic features, accessories, and styles to their factory. Starting on December 11, both Funko HQ and Hollywood stores will feature mini Pop factories for fans. These little factories include kiosks is that will display a variety of Pop yourself pieces. Collectors and fans will then have to fill out forms to get their character selection, and then the fun begins. Their completed form will then go to the new Pop Yourself factory, and your order will be processed. Assembled by the team at Funko, your specialized and one of a kind of Pop Vinyl will be created and given its own customized box. This will truly be a must-have for any Funko Pop and will be one great reason to visit the Funko HQ and Hollywood stores.

The Funko Pop people line will definitely be a game-changer and a big hit. From gifts for loved ones to add yourself to your own collection, this Pop Yourself factory will be a fun experience for all. It is sad though, that these will be exclusive to the HQ and Hollywood stores as it is cutting out a huge chunk of their collecting audience. The worldwide pandemic is currently halting a lot of travel for most people, and who knows when it will be again. Limiting lines and adding more online exclusives would be a real moneymaker at a time like this, in my opinion. If fans already have to wait in line and fill out a form to create their very own collectible, why couldn't they do this online? I understand retailer exclusives, but we already have the custom Freddy and Pop Monster creations that fans can create at the Funko HQ store. The Pop-abilities might be endless, but it really ends if you live outside Washington and California. Most collectors who live on the other side of the country will not be able to get this special one of a kind creations. These Pop People Vinyls will be priced at $25 and set to release December 11 at both Funko HQ and Hollywood stores. We can only hope that they will extend this Pop Yourself factory can end up at the FunkoShop at some point, allowing fans to add the coolest Pop to their own collection, themselves.

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