Funko Prepares for Halloween with A Spooky Freddy Funko NFT Drop

The NFT craze has only grown in the past couple of months, with almost every company offering up the ability to own unique digital content. I personally have never understood the appeal to purchasing NFT, or with the concept of crypto-currency. However, Funko has changed up their game a little with their NFT game by offering coinciding physical Pops Vinyls to their digital release. Just in time for Halloween, Funko is doing a special spooky Freddy Funko drop on Friday, October 29, 2021, at 2 PM EST here. Two offered options will be Standard Pack (5 Digital Pop!) priced at $9.99 USD and the Premium Pack (15 Digital Pop!) priced at $29.99 USD. There will be 21,000 Standard packs offered, with another 7,000 Premium packs getting released.

The whole NFT Wave is filled with Halloween Funko Freddy designs like a Candy Corn Ghost, Dr. Jekyle, Frankenstein, Vampire, and much more. Sadly, these would be a way better as physical Pops rather than an NFT release, but all hope is not lost as 4 Pop Designs will make it to the real world after 120 Days of purchase. This will include Freddy Funko as the Devil, like Vampire, as Skeleton, and a special Funko Soda Freddy Mummy. I believe the Vampire will be a reward for collecting all of the NFT cards in the series, which is a nice prize for all the money spent. I hope we can see these Pop Designs release in another physical capacity later on, but if push comes to shove, third-party sellers are always an option.

"Get ready for a treat! It's time to go haunting for your favorite Funko pals again. Collect all the boo-tiful Freddy and Max Digital Pop! and complete your collection in this special Freddy Funko Halloween collection."

  • SNAG A PACK (OR TWO) – Buy Standard or Premium packs during the primary sale. For information on how to buy packs on the secondary market, join us on Discord and our friendly moderators will help guide you.
  • LAND A REDEEMABLE DIGITAL POP!™ – Collect any Digital Pop!™ of the Legendary or Grail rarities and become eligible to redeem for a rare, exclusive physical collectible that matches the Digital Pop!™.
  • BECOME FUNKO ROYALTY™ – Want more? Upon completing your Royalty Collection (by collecting at least one of each Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic Digital Pop!™), you become eligibile to receive a rare physical collectible figure designed exclusively for this release.
  • REDEEM – Redemption Tokens will be issued to your account 120 days after release for any completed Royalty Collection sets or Legendary / Grail Digital Pop!™. Redeem for a physical collectible within 30 days of receiving your Redemption Token.

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