Funko Virtual Con 2.0 Begins Tomorrow With Streams and Exclusives

Funko is here to help pass some time during this interesting time of 2020. During the postponing of Emerald City Comic Funko wanted to connect with fans by launching their first ever Virtual Convention. The convention was live-streamed over multiple platforms and featured games, giveaways, and more. This time Anaheim's WonderCon was the next convention to postpone their launch so it's time for another virtual con! Funko announced that they will be doing a Virtual Con 2.0 and if you forgot it starts tomorrow. With the convention there comes Funko Exclusive collectibles and they are set to go live tomorrow.

That's right tomorrow at 7AM PST, the Funko Shop will be loaded up with all of the WonderCon exclusives. There are 17 exclusive collectibles coming from Pops, Sodas, and even some apparel. Some of the hot items this time are the designer styled Boba Fett, Captain Atom, and Masters of the Universe Soda vinyls. Prices will mainly be between $12 and $15 for these vinyl figures so be prepared. All of these collectibles will drop at the same time and it'll be up to you to get what you want before it sells out. Funko Shop can get pretty crazy at times and you will be put into a waiting line after clicking checkout. These drops are always luck based and you will have to fight with everyone else, bots, and more to get your desired Funko collectible. You can find the link for the shop here and the exclusives will go live at 10AM on the east coast. Get your cards ready because the hunt is afoot. Check out all the exclusives and details below and find the original link here. Who do you plan on getting at the launch??

Funko Pop WonderCon Exclusives
Funko Pop WonderCon Exclusives, photo from Funko, t-shirt

"WonderCon® Anaheim 2020 has been postponed. At this time no decision has been made regarding the rescheduling of WonderCon®. In an effort to keep the convention spirit alive we will be bringing you WonderCon® virtually with Funko's second virtual con! Funko's WonderCon® Anaheim | Funko Virtual Con will take place April 9-12. WonderCon® Anaheim exclusives will be available on Funko Shop on Friday, April 10th at 7AM PST. For questions about Funko's virtual convention celebration, please refer to Funko's social channels and #FunkoVirtualCon. More information will be added as updates are available! Also, don't let your Funko Fashion or cosplay go waste – post a photo of the Funko gear or cosplay you were planning to wear for WonderCon® Anaheim on Twitter or Instagram throughout this week with #FunkoVirtualCon to play along!"

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