Gargoyles NECA Line Kicks Off With A Bang With New Goliath Figure

Gargoyles fans had their dreams come true when NECA announced that they would be making highly detailed figures from the beloved animated series. For years, the big toy companies were begged to make a line paying homage to the rich characters and awesome designs that Gargoyles provided, and for years the pleas fell on deaf ears. No more, as NECA has announced that there are at least six figures being released over the next year, starting of course with the hero of the show, Goliath. NECA sent over this kick-off to the line for us to take a look at, so let's take a look.

Gargoyles & NECA Are A Perfect Match

I was very curious how they would handle the box for these figures. Massive figures with huge wings, these are not small figures. But NECA smartly just expanded their Ultimate packaging to fit, and what we get is a hefty, gigantic box that weighs way more than you think it will when you get your hands on it. They chose a really good pic from the old promo art for the front, too; it really pops on the shelf with the giant Gargoyles logo. A worthy addition to any MOC collectors shelf for sure.

Once we open Goliath, I like a lot of what is here. The body is massive and chiseled; they did a great job making this cartoon come to life in your hands. I am happy they didn't go the full animated look for these. Both head sculpts are good, but the snarling monster one is my favorite and especially when you attach the wings. The wings, speaking of them, are a mixed bag. I love how far they go out. The detail on them is fantastic. But at the end of the day, they are chunky pieces of plastic. The way they go into his back and the hinge used guarantee that they end up drooping after a few minutes. I do really wish they had more articulation to them so they could fold up a bit.

Even though the wings are not perfect, everything else on Goliath is. The Gargoyles leader is easy to get into poses, especially with his accessories. I love the pepper that he comes with, and he can hold the book really well. But that monster head. It just fills me with joy to see that. NECA will always nail that ferocious look with their figures, but on this one, it really stands out. His tail is also great to move around and does not get in the way of posing, which could have been an issue. He stands really well, even with the wings on. A shame we couldn't get a flight stand-in here; this guy will look amazing off the ground.

Gargoyles NECA Line Kicks Off With A Bang With New Goliath Figure
NECA Goliath

For the first figure in this Gargoyles line, it is a pretty great figure. I get why the wings are the way they are, and I like them; I just don't love them. I know we are getting a version with folded up "cape" wings as well, but hopefully, they don't make us buy every figure twice to get the definitive version and having to Frankenstein it by buying multiple versions.

Goliath is in stores now and can be ordered online here.

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