GI Joe Classified Reveals From Hasbro Pulsecon Include Zartan, Firefly

GI Joe Classified is the hottest figure line going right now, with sellouts, huge mark-ups on the aftermarket, and a fervent fanbase that has been waiting for these figures for literally decades. Hasbro just cannot make enough of these guys, and this morning at Pulsecon, they revealed the next four figures coming to the line. Two of them will see general release, while the other two will join the Target Exclusive Cobra Island line. All of them go up for preorder with retailers today around 5 PM EST. Zartan and the Cobra Infanry Trooper will hit the main line, while Firefly and Cobra Viper will be exclusive to Target. See them all below.

Good Luck Getting The GI Joe Classified Cobra Island Figures

First up, let's look at the two figures coming to the main line. Zartan is the biggie, and he will come with a monkey paw, snake head, swamp design, extra face in backpack. He will also be the first GI Joe Classified figure to come with Hasbro's new "Invisi-Pin" tech, to hide articulation points and enhance the look of the figure. The Cobra Infantry Trooper will come with Sunbow inspired deco, a Rifle with new web gear attachment system. One of the awesome parts of these figures in the line is that there is almost no wasted space. What comes in the box, fits on the figure. That is the way it should be.

Much has been said about the Target Exclusive Cobra Island line, and we don't really need to go over it here. Sellouts everywhere, not enough supply, and huge mark-ups on the aftermarket have left a sour taste in collectors mouths. It was a little upsetting to see that two new figures will be coming to Cobra Island, but hopefully hasbro learned their lesson and ship more. First up is an awesome army builder, as the Cobra Viper joins the GI Joe Classified line. He comes with built in mags for weapons, blast effect ports in rifle blaster, goggles, and a backpack. The other figure is a Special Missions version of Firefly, a much-loved GI Joe character. He comes in special deco, with dynomite, Burned face, backpack with drone (bomb drone) data pad, blaster, and goggles.

All of these figures will be up for preorder at Pulse at 5 PM EST, as well as other retailers. Target will have the Cobra Island figures at the same time.

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