Batman Grim Knight Arrives as Our Next Mcfarlane Toys Review

Batman: Dark Nights is one of my favorite recent DC Comics story arcs as it showcases evil versions of our favorite Dark Knight. So when McFarlane Toys announced that they were adding them to their DC Multiverse figure line I was beyond thrilled. This was mainly due to the fact that the only Batman: Dark Knights collectibles were mainly expensive DC Collectibles statues. Now I can grab some of my favorite DC Comics villains that are packed with detail and only $19.99. The Batman Who Laughs was the first to strike with others like Dawnbreaker, Devastator, and Murder Machine arriving later on. Added on to the wave though was Batman: The Grim Knight who appeared in 2019 The Batman Who Laughs mini-series. This was a version of Bruce Wayne who enjoyed the use of guns rather than the bat-gadget. This deadly Batman riddled his way through Gotham in his Dark Multiverse World only to come to ours…

This character is quite similar to the fusion of Batman and the Punisher. McFarlane Toys jacked packed with a guy with detail and it really shows no matter what angle you look. He does come with a couple of accessories like two guns he can hold, an MP5, a Grenade Launcher, and an assortment of guns that can be attached to his back. This Batman features a great representation of his comic book counterpart and he was fun to mess around with. He is covered with pouches, knives, pistols, and ammo throughout his rubber holsters. It would be truly something if we could see a deluxe version of this figure that actually had all these pieces but were removable too. The articulation was very well done as well with joints in his ankles, shoulders, and even double-jointed elbows.

Batman: The Grim Knight was a figure I was greatly looking forward too and he did not disappoint. He is packed with detail, accessories, and one of the one collectibles for his characters. I personally would love to see a deluxe version in the future but for what we are getting Batman fans won't regret it. The Batman: The Grim Knight is already in some Walmart stores today but can finally be pre-ordered online and here. Do not forget to pre-order some of the other upcoming Dark Nights figures as well to complete your Dark Multiverse collection.

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