Harley Quinn Maiden of Mischief Arrives at Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom has announced a new Batman themed Egg Attack Action figure. This time things get animated as we return back to Batman The Animated Series with Harley Quinn. This 6-inch figure is packed with detail that captures her animated look in the cartoon. She will come with 6 face sculpts, four of which will have moveable eyes. Her outfit will be made with real cloth and she will get three swappable hands. Harley Quinn will also get two weapons with her iconic mallet and a pistol which features a replaceable glove and Pop cork. This is one DC Comics anti-hero that fans will not want to miss out on.

The classic animated version of Harley Quinn is back and fans will not want to miss out. From the variety of faces and accessories, collectors will have plenty to do with this figure. The Egg Attack Action Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn from Beast Kingdom is priced at $69.99. She is expected to return to her life of crime in March 2021 and pre-orders are already live and can be found here. Don't miss out on some of the other Batman The Animated Series EAA figures like Batman and The Joker so the full Gotham experience.

"The 'Maiden of Mischief' herself, and Gotham's self-proclaimed 'Cupid of Crime' is ready to take on Batman from the Animated Series in her very own EAA (Egg Attack Action) 6 inch highly articulable action figure! Originally a phycologist working in The Arkham Asylum, after falling head over heels for the maniacal Joker, she is transformed into his sidekick and Clown apprentice! Her obsession creates a criminal unlike any other, full of fun and craziness."

"The Batman Animated Series gave one of the most famous incarnations of Harley Quinn ever, and Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience Brand couldn't be more excited to showcase an action figure with some real, authentic design. Using real cloth for Harley's red and black outfit, the EAA-118 is kitted with some of her favorite weapons, including her infamous mallet, as well as a fun toy gun, with replaceable glove and pop-cork accessories."

'Harley Quinn, as a jester in her own right, deserves a set of faces to express her whacky emotions. The EAA-118 doesn't skimp in this area and includes six replacement face sculpts, four of which have movable eyes, so collectors are able give any emotion to suite her pose! Topping off the set with a red, branded figure base, this Harley Quinn action figure is not only 'movie-accurate', but also a bundle of amusement to boot with all the included facial expressions and accessories!"

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