Hasbro Gives Fans a Closer Look at Animated X-Men Marvel Legends

Last year, Hasbro revealed that they would be releasing new Marvel Legends X-Men figures, but with new cel-shading. This whole new line of figures is dedicated to the iconic 90's Animated X-Men cartoon with repaints, releases, and repacks. However, this is fantastic for fans of this legendary cartoon as it gives new collectors a new way to collect some of these figures. I have always loved the 90s version of the X-Men, so it will be nice to finally get away to own them outside of the VHS tapes. Hasbro originally debuted the new figures with digital renderings, and now collectors get a closer look as new official product photos have arrived! Three figures are on the way with Wolverine, Jubilee, and Mr. Sinister, who will all stands 6" tall and even come in new full art VHS style packaging.

The full art VHS boxed packs are a great way for Hasbro to hide the fact that they have pulled back in the use of plastic for packages. It totally works with a release like this, and the rest of the figures should also include it with villains and heroes facing different directions. As for the figures, each one has new cel-shading and are simple re-releases, but the added repaint makes you forget all about that. New accessories will be included, and each one will be released as a Hasbro Pulse exclusive, with more arriving throughout the year. Wolverine, Jubilee, and Mr. Sinister are priced at $26.99 each, they are all set to release in June 2022, and pre-orders are live right here.

"To me, my X-Men! That's right, take a FIRST LOOK at the newest product photography for the Marvel Legends Series X-Men 90s Animated Series figures! These figures feature unique sculpting and deco to recreate the classic looks in premium collectible packaging inspired by the classic 90s X-Men: The Animated Series video cassette box covers! Complete your collection today by pre-ordering exclusively on Hasbro Pulse! Each sold separately."

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