Hasbro Reveals New Marvel Legends Packaging with Ryan Stegman Art 

Hasbro has gone green, and that means less plastic and more paper in a lot of their popular collectible lines. This has been a big issue over the past couple of months, with collectors figuring out what the next move is. The biggest complaint has been how Hasbro will stop figure swapping since there is no window; you have no idea what is inside. The second biggest issue has been the packaging with a simple digital rendering of the figure inside. A while ago, I talked about the packaging and even had some suggestions here. Well, it looks like Hasbro is starting to wise up as they debuted one of their newest Marvel Legends sets with a very interesting upgrade. A new Venom: Separation Anxiety three-pack set has been revealed, and the hit comic books artist Ryan Stegman is doing the art!

That is right, Hasbro might have just solved future Marvel Legends figures and sets by including actual Marvel Comics artist artwork. Dan Vessenmeyer has absolutely knocked the new X-Men: The Animated Series box art out of the water. The VHS-style boxes are fun, and while the artwork is something completely new, they give us a throwback to the 90s. Ryan Stegman is easily one of the best Spider-Man and Venom artists around, so it just makes sense to give these guys to show off their artwork in a fun way. Venom takes on Agony and Riot in this set, and even though it is drawn, these figures are perfectly represented, and Stegman even showcased that new Venom/ Eddie head sculpt. 

Hasbro Reveals New Marvel Legends Packaging with Ryan Stegman Art 
Credit: Ryan Stegman

It will be hard to give every single Marvel Legends figure their own artwork, but it is an excellent way to sell future figures. For in-box collectors, it will give them a new way to display their figures with some incredible artwork. I am also a Marvel Comics fan, so this is pretty fantastic, and these boxes would be perfect for getting autographed as well. Hasbro has my full support if this is the route they design to go, and I am looking forward to checking out this new Venom, Agony, and Riot 3-pack arriving in December. Check out everything Marvel Legends right here.

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