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Hasbro's Selfie Series is the Must-Own Collectible This Summer

Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, birthday present or anything in-between, Hasbro has you covered with their Selfie Series 

Father's Day is right around the corner, and Hasbro might have the perfect gift for you. Thanks to our friends over at Hasbro, we were able to get our hands as well as test out their exclusive Selfie Series Program. The Selfie Series is a partnership between Hasbro and Formlabs, and it is a toy collectors' dream as they get to put themselves right into their favorite franchise, becoming their very own collectible. Becoming your very own action figure is pretty easy, and it starts by downloading the Hasbro Pulse App and scanning your face. Perfect positioning and lighting are key to this process, allowing the camera to help capture your likeness as close as possible. Taking pictures and scanning is the easy part; it is the customization choices and choosing who you want to be is the real tough part.

There are five different franchises to choose from Power Rangers, Marvel, Star Wars, G.I.Joe, and Ghostbusters. There are both male and female body options available with different characters to choose from, like The Mandalorian, Pink Power Ranger, Snake Eyes, Ghostbusters Rookie, Iron Man, and so much more. Each one comes in its vown designed box andthemed accessories (depending on the character), which does help fill out that $59.99 price point. After picking your class, Hasbro does offer collectors pick their hairstyle and a beard option if applicable. However, these options are quite limited, and the coloring for the hair is very specific, so there will be some difficult choices to be made when deciding. While my hair color is not exact, it is brown, and ultimately, the face scan came out pretty nice. 

With so many options to choose from, I decided to go pretty basic and stick with Star Wars: A New Hope Stormtrooper. As a passionate fan, I could not miss out on putting myself right into a galaxy far, far away, and jjoiningthe ranks of the Empire. The Stormtrooper comes with a blaster that can be holstered, but that is all. None of the Selfie Series figures come with helmets, which is understandable but would be an excellent option. I already happened to have a removable Stormtrooper helmet in my collection that works perfectly. As for head swapping, the option is not really presented as the neck peg is smaller than what is offered. Some figures do allow you to have the head sit on the neck, but it does not click. This is not a bad thing, as the Selfie Series is its own thing, but it would have been nice for something universal. 

As a Father and a toy collector, the Hasbro Selfie Series would be the ultimate Father's Day gift. However, this is not a present you can just surprise someone with, but it is a fun process to do with your dad for Father's Day, a birthday, or any special event for anyone. Hasbro has slowly been adding new figures to the program, like the Power Rangers Black Ranger, and I bet we can expect more. As time goes on, more customization options will most likely be offered with new hairstyles and beard choices. Hasbro has done something quite special here and is offering fans something that no one else has. Become part of the action like never before and show your ultimate fandom with the Hasbro Selfie Series. You can start the Selfie Series Program today with the Hasbro Pulse app and read all about the program right here. 

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