Here Are All of the Funko FunKon Exclusive Day 1 Pop Reveals

Yesterday kicked off the first day of Funko FunKon 2021 reveals, giving fans a huge variety of announcements through social media. Seven Pops were revealed throughout the day, as well as two FunKon exclusive Loungefly backpacks. Things started off pretty great with new Pop Vinyls from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. This time around, it looks like we are getting the Pop debut for Walrus & Buddy as well as a Black Light Pop for the White Rabbit. Speaking of cartoons, this first day of reveals is loaded with them like Demongo from the popular Cartoon Network series, Samurai Jack. Samurai Jack has received a lot of convention exclusive Pops in the past couple of cons, so this is a nice exclusive for dedicated fans. McDonald's fans are also in for a yummy surprise as a new Nugget comes to life with the FunKon 2021 debut of the Band Master Nugget Happy Meal Toy.

Two Lougefly backpacks were also released by Funko, with Disney's Tangled and Doctor Strange coming to tour wardrobe. Pascal is dressing up for this mini backpack, and he does not look happy about it. Doctor Strange's costume and Eye of Agamotto are nicely recreated throughout this Loungefly's mini backpack's design that will be helping collectors find their way through the multiverse. Continuing onto more Funko FunKon 2021 Pops, we have Filibuster Leslie from the hit comedy Parks and Recreation. We then get animated with Disney's Emperor's New Groove as we get  Kronk as Scout Leader from the end of the film. Last but not least, the Mooby's Icon comes to life from the Jay and Silent Bob films in amazing Pop formatting, making this perfect exclusive. This is a fun design that Jay and Silent Bob fans will definitely want for all of their autograph function in the future too.

Each of these designs is very well done, and all deserve their spot on this year's Funko FunKon 2021 convention list. On the first day of reveals, my personal favorites are the Mooby's, the Doctor Strange Loungefly backpack, and the Black Light White Rabbit. We are still waiting on the massive Alien in Wonderland Black Light event from Funko, so it's interim to see a new design get reveals before collectors even get their hands on the previous releases. While some of these Pops will be set as FunkoShop exclusives, many will release as a Shared Retailer Exclusive. Be on the lookout for the list to drop from Funko later this week and check out all of the new releases right here.

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