It's To Infinity and Beyond with Mattel's Awesome Lightyear Toys 

Lightyear is currently my favorite movie of the year as I absolutely enjoyed everything Pixar gave us. The film was not about the toy version of Buzz Lightyear that I have fallen in love with, but something greater. It gave Toy Story fans the world that the action figure was based on with a new story, new characters, and plenty of new gadgets. When you get a big film like this, there are plenty of collectibles to follow, and Mattel has easily put tons out there. Our friends over at Mattel sent us some of their out-of-this-world toys for Lightyear to check out, and they are incredible!

There are plenty of toys to get from the film, and we were able to get our hands on the talking plush Sox, 10" Zurg, 5" Lightyear figures, and the Blast & Battle XL-15. We are going to start with the Robot Companion Sox Plush, who stands at 12" tall. Sox stole teh show, and now he gets to come home with you with included sounds inspired by the movie. Movie quotes from Lightyear are loaded up on Sox, making this companion your new best friend on your long journey. For a $29.99 talking plush, this cat is very fun, and one click of this paw makes him say one of his phrases, making it come to life. If you're a fan of Lightyear and need a Sox companion, then Mattel's is the one you need, and you can buy one in stores today or online here.

Staying on target with some of the larger Lightyear figures, the 10" Zurg is one of those figures and is a companion figure for the 5-inch line. This new robotic version of Zurg is pretty inexpensive, coming in at $20, but man, he is worth it. He will come with swappable right arms allowing Lightyear fans to switch better standard and arm blaster modes with three shooting projectiles. The articulation is nice with movement in the legs, arms, and head, and he is very light, but he is just pure fun to play with. The figure sizes nicely with the other Buzz Lightyear figures, and I purchased the Glow-in-the-Dark Buzz myself to have him go against. The 5 inch figures, on the other hand, feature removable helmets, weapons, and accessories that can vary depending on the figure you pick. These figures are simple and cheap, and they bring most versions of Buzz to life and some of the new Rangers as well. 

One of my favorite things we got from Mattel was the Blast & Battle XL-15 20" Long Spaceship set. The ships in Lightyear were pure sci-fi glory, and Mattel brought them to life perfectly. This ship is massive and holds the 5-inch figures and comes with an Alpha Suit Buzz and jetpack. Buzz gets loaded into the cockpit with a jetpack attached, and by pulling the lever on the back of the ship, he launches into action. I assume this ship set is more directed towards one of the action scenes from Lightyear when our hero is taking on Zurg. The XL-15 is nicely detailed and sizes quite well with other action figures, even if they do not fit inside. Missiles are included and can shoot out with the push of a button on the wings, allowing for action in and outside of the ship. The XL-15 is compatible with all of the 5" Mattel Lightyear figures, and this is currently my favorite collectible and must own toy for Pixar's newest film.

Mattel did a truly remarkable job of dishing out some pretty sweet toys for Lightyear. I wish we got a new Toy Story Buzz for the film, but beggars can be choosers. There are major kid elements with these toys here, and getting them in hand made me feel like a kid again, and it was a blast. From Zurg trying to take down Buzz, to the XL-15 flying in to save the day, these are the toys you want in your Lightyear collection. The XL-15 ship can be found in-stock at Target here as well at most online retailers, and be sure to find all of the other Lightyear toys Mattel as related here. To Infinity and Beyond!

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