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Pixar's Lightyear Is Coming To Disney+ On August 3rd
On top of that, the franchise has generated an animated series, several shorts, an upcoming fifth film (which is currently in development), and the recent spin-off film Lightyear, focusing on an in-universe character that inspired the creation of the fan-favorite toy It's all very meta and layered for a family film concept, really. Despite being a[...]
Disney’s Pluto Joins Minnie and the Gang at Good Smile Company
Their popular Nendoroid line is not getting one but two new figures from the recent Disney and Pixar film, Lightyear Buzz and Sox are back and together again, ready to join your sheets in adorable fashion Buzz Lightyear is displayed in his new Alpha Suit, and will come with a nice set of accessories to[...]
Lightyear: Pixar Fest 2022 Goes To Space In Buzz Lightyear Gear
Disney's Pixar Fest 2022 is lifting off into infinity & beyond with Lightyear products such as toys, costumes, backpacks, and more Pixar Fest is an annual month-long celebration of all things Pixar, consisting of weekly activities and watch parties, digital activations and sweepstakes, and new product announcements for Cars On The Road, Lightyear, The Incredibles and Coco. Happy Hugs Teddy[...]
Tom Cruise Wasn't Going to Allow Top Gun: Maverick To Go To Streaming
Their other big one, Elvis, was a big breakout hit, scoring $149 million and making a star out of Austin Butler. ALISHA? – In Disney and Pixar's "Lightyear," Buzz (voice of Chris Evans) returns to the planet he's been marooned on for decades after a monumental test flight But things have changed while he was away[...]
Become a Space Ranger with the Lightyear Cadet Sox Set from Mattel
Disney and Pixar's newest film, Lightyear, has finally hit Disney+, and I just can not stop watching it This movie was great, and it was just pure fun to see callbacks to Buzz Lightyear's iconic catchphrases It was also a heartfelt film, and it was awesome to see new characters added to the Lightyears mythos[...]
Pixar's Lightyear Is Coming To Disney+ On August 3rd
In June, Pixar finally returned to the big screen with Lightyear, and the movie did all right at the box office While it's overall a pretty good film with one of the best supporting players with Sox, the movie had a hard time grabbing an audience mostly because the concept behind it was a bit[...]
Buzz Lightyear and Zurg Come to Beast Kingdom with New Mini Eggs
Two Mini Egg Attack figures have been unveiled coming in at roughly 3-4" tall with Buzz and Zurg from the new Disney Pixar film, Lightyear These little guys are posed and ready for action featuring their new designs from the film Buzz's new Alpha Suit and the updated Zurg robotic design come to life and[...]
It’s To Infinity and Beyond with Mattel’s Awesome Lightyear Toys 
Lightyear is currently my favorite movie of the year as I absolutely enjoyed everything Pixar gave us The film was not about the toy version of Buzz Lightyear that I have fallen in love with, but something greater It gave Toy Story fans the world that the action figure was based on with a new[...]
Mattel’s Lightyear Hyperspeed Series is Pure Collectible Joy 
Lightyear has received a lot of criticism lately, but from everything we have seen this year, this film is my #1 I absolutely love the Toy Story films, and more specifically, I love me some Buzz Lightyear I even started to collect solo Buzz Lightyear figures over the past year and fixed them up, which[...]
CinemaCon 2022: Warner Bros. Brings All The Footage & Then Some Part 1
The only cringe you find in the top five is Lightyear, which sunk -65% to $17 million, guaranteeing that it will become one of the worst box office performers in the Pixar cannon Look for that to hit Disney+ pronto. The Weekend Box Office To Five for June 24th: Elvis- $30.5 million Top Gun Maverick- $30.5 million Jurassic World:[...]
Lightyear’s Emperor Zurg Has Arrived at Beast Kingdom 
Many fans out there have been unimpressed by Lightyear, which is sad as the movie impressed the hell out of me It seems like many people were confused about what the film was about going to be about To sum it up, Lightyear is the movie in the Toy Story world that inspired the creation[...]
Buzz Lightyear and Sox are Ready for Action with Beast Kingdom
Another Lightyear collectible is here as Beast Kingdom debut their next Staging Your Dreams Diorama Statue Buzz Lightyear and Sox are together again, featuring the new Alpha Suit from the film The highly detailed suit is beautifully sculpted, showcasing similarity to the Buzz we all love from Toy Story Two head sculpts will be featured[...]
Mondo Music Release Of The Week: Lightyear
This week sees the release of the soundtrack to Lightyear from composer Michael Giacchino as they continue to release his work with the studio The score will be spread across two hyperspeed-colored 180-gram discs and it features artwork from Devin Elle Kurtz It goes on sale tomorrow in The Mondo Record Shop Check it out[...]
Lightyear: New Poster, Image, and Special Look
Lightyear opened well below expectations this weekend at the box office, pulling in only$55 million for the four-day weekend and coming in second, well below most projections between $75-90 million Most are comparing it to Toy Story numbers, but I do not think that is fair; I would say since this is not really connected[...]
Master Craft Buzz Lightyear Statue Coming Soon to Beast Kingdom 
Just when you thought you had seen enough Lightyear, even more collectibles have arrived! This time, Beast Kingdom is releasing a new beautifully crafted Master Craft statue of the Space Ranger The statue will be limited to only 3,000 pieces standing at a whopping 13.78" tall His new Aha Suit is perfectly recreated for the[...]
Lightyear Comes to Beast Kingdom with New Alpha Suit DAH Figure 
It is time to go to Infinity, and Beyond as Disney and Pixar's newest film, Lightyear, is finally here Since today is launch day, plenty of new collectibles have been revealed like the new Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure from Beast Kingdom! That is right, Buzz is back and ready to save the day once again[...]
4 High-Quality Images from Pixar's Lightyear
Lightyear is one of the prettiest films of the year, with winning characters and a fun story that delivers on its odd premise Unfortunately, it falls apart entirely in the third act, which is a complete letdown Still, this is a worthy addition to the Pixar pantheon, and one can totally see why Andy would[...]
Take A Bite Out of Hoy Toy’s New and Sweet Toy Story Cosbi’s
All the focus is on Lightyear this week, but never forget the franchise that started it all with Toy Story Hot Toys hasn't as they have unveiled a new set of adorable mystery Cosbi figures with Toy Story Series 2 Summer has arrived in Andy's Room, and the toys are throwing a tea party to[...]
Hot Toys Teases the Arrive of Buzz Lightyear to Their 1/6th Figure Line
Lightyear is finally here, giving Toy Story and Pixar fans a glimpse at the epic film that created the hit action figure Movies goers can get tickets right now for today's early screenings with a wide release tomorrow This movie was an absolute rush, and I love everything about it! As a big Toy Story[...]
Buzz Lightyear and Zurg Get Adorable New Figures from Hot Toys 
Lightyear is hitting theaters this week, giving Toy Story fans a new adventure for the franchise's lore The film does not take place in the Toy Story world, but it is the film that Andy saw, making him fall in love with Buzz Lightyear This would then turn into the production of Buzz Lightyear figures[...]
Lightyear: New Poster, Image, and Special Look
For now, the hype for Lightyear is starting to take effect, and what was once a very confusing concept for people to understand is becoming a movie that people want to seek out We have three new posters for the film, including a new IMAX poster, and this is the first Pixar movie you'll be[...]
Lightyear Dolby Poster Debuts, Tickets Are On Sale Now
Lightyear is a little over a week away, and today Dolby released their exclusive poster for the film This is the first theatrical release only Pixar film since 2020, after Soul, Luca, and Turning Red all debuted on Disney+ instead Disney and Pixar both are expecting huge things from this film, and admittedly it looks[...]
Lightyear Fans: Check Out The New Figure Line From Mattel
Lightyear is releasing in theaters in two weeks, and Mattel has a huge line of toys for you to go grab, Large figures, and vehicles More are all in stores now, and they feature Buzz himself, Commander Alisha Hawthorne, Jr Zap Patrol Mo Morrison, Sox, and even Zurg Lots of these figures and playsets can[...]
Bleeding Cool's Summer Box Office Preview: Jurassic World Will Rule
All Rights Reserved. TO INFINITY — Disney and Pixar's "Lightyear" is an all-new, original feature film that presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear (voice of Chris Evans)—the hero who inspired the toy—introducing the legendary Space Ranger and his dutiful robot companion, Sox (voice of Peter Sohn) Directed by Angus MacLane (co-director "Finding Dory") and[...]
Lightyear Gets A Super Cool Early Bird ReAction Kit From Super7
Lightyear is hitting theaters in a couple of weeks, and in one of the coolest announcements in the lead-up to the film, Super7 has revealed a really cool Early Bird ReAction figure kit for the film Playing off the Early Bird kit from Kenner and Star Wars in the '70s, this set includes first cracks[...]
Lightyear: A New Poster and 2 New Images
We have our first Pixar movie in over two years coming out in theaters next month, and it's Lightyear While we still hope that Soul, Luca, and Turning Red will get some sort of theatrical release, Lightyear is getting an IMAX release on top of a theatrical release IMAX has released a version of the trailer promoting[...]
Lightyear: A New Poster and 2 New Images
Lightyear will be monumental because it is the first Pixar movie to get a theatrical release since Onward in March of 2020 when the world decided to end Since then, Pixar has released three more movies [Soul, Luca, Turning Red], and all three of them went directly to Disney+ We still believe that these three[...]
Lightyear: New Poster, Image, and Special Look
If there was a Pixar movie that people were very unsure of, it was Lightyear The concept of the movie itself seems more than a little weird, and as we head into the final month of the movie before it comes out, there will be those wondering if this is the Pixar movie worth going[...]
walking dead
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Image: AMC Networks LITG: Walking Dead to Lightyear in the ten most-read stories, yesterday The Walking Dead, AMC Defend Norman Reedus in Official Statement Lightyear First Impressions: Not The Movie You're Expecting Legends of Tomorrow: Keto Shimizu Confirms Cancellation Stargirl & the Return of The Justice Society Of America to DC[...]
Lightyear First Impressions: Not The Movie You're Expecting
The Disney presentation at CinemaCon didn't just come out with extended footage from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but they also showed the first half-hour of Lightyear Those of us that took place in the press day for the movie earlier in the year got to see most of that footage already, but at CinemaCon,[...]