New Kickstarter Campaign Brings Presidents and Colonel Sanders Alive

AmazoToys has announced a very interesting Kickstarter campaign featuring some American History iconic. They have revealed a new action figure line that brings American Presidents to and is ready for action. Each of these 4" figures will behave simple articulation of 14 points and will come with interchangeable heads. That's right you can get 2 Presidents for the price of one by just switching the heads. Backers can also expect Secret Service Agent heads also that will be included to give your collection extra protection. The campaign is set at $65,000 and will have more goals if it exceeds its goal price. So far there are 5 figures being offered as of right now:

  • John F. Kennedy with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Secret Service Head
  • Ronald Reagan with George H. W. Bush and Secret Service Head
  • Barack Obama with two Secret Service Heads
  • Richard Nixon with George W. Bush and Secret Service Head
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower with General Wilson and General Nicholson heads

Each of these figures is quite simple and the head swap can give collectors multiple figures for the price of one. This series is dedicated to America History and it does that job but these seem more like novelty collectibles put I can see how they would fit nicely in someone's collection. They are all priced at $25 each and you can find the campaign located here. AmazoToys is only at $23,600+ of their $60,000 campaign with 27 days left. If the company hits their goal, more figures will be released and some of them are honestly must-haves with them expanding outside the realm of presidents and these upcoming figures will include:

  • Uncle Sam with Bald Eagle Head
  • Mark Twain with Colonel Sanders Head and Swappable Ties
  • Jimmy Carter with Lyndon B. Johnson and Secret Service Head
  • Abraham Lincoln with Edgar Allen Poe and Harry Houdini Heads

"The American Presidents Action Figure Collection, featuring a tribute to our former U.S. Presidents & other American Heroes, tells the history of America through the individuals who have shaped its culture. Unique and compelling, the American Presidents Action Figure Collection is a stunning representation of our Nation's leaders, visionaries, servicemen, entertainers, and activists whose lives tell the American story.  Each 4" American Heroes Action Figure has over 14 points of articulation and interchangeable heads & accessories."

"Begin your own collection, or share the joy of American history by giving these unique action figures to your children, grandchildren, friends, historians, teachers, active military service members, and veterans! Each American Heroes figure is $25 (USD) and will come packaged for display. You can pledge the number of figures you want at the various pledge levels listed in the campaign."

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