Kotobukiya Reveals End of Heroes 1/24th Scale Zombie Figures

Kotobukiya has unveiled a brand new pastor model kit series where collectors face new horrors in a world where civilization has fallen. The dead walk the Earth with a brand new 1/24 scale model series labeled End of Heroes, and two zombie figures kick off the line. Two Zombinoid figures are on the way with Agony and Biter, which are loaded with detail, articulation, and can fit right in the palm of your hand. Both zombie figures feature a nice set of accessories as well that shows off body parts and grey goo effects. Agony and Biter are both priced at $21.99, which does seem a little high for a standard 1/24 scale figure which will make it hard to really build up an undead army at this price.

The new End of Heroes line from Kotobukiya does not end with these two zombie figures, and it looks like we have some soldiers also releasing. I am quite excited to see what this lien will entail, and it looks like other genres will be covered with action, sci-fi, and horror, so be sure to jump in on the ground floor of this new franchise. Pre-orders for Agony can be found here, while Biter can be located here, with both set to release in May 2022. BRAINS!

"A world where civilization has fallen, law and order are no more, completely engulfed by flames and brimstone… The dead rise from their graves and chaos reigns in this apocalyptic wasteland. The good & just have turned evil & sadistic, brave hunters to bloodthirsty wolves, and freakish creatures only heard in fairy tales now roam the land… This new plastic model kit series, END OF HEROES, comes in a 1/24 scale!"

"Outsiders that match perfectly with this devastated world come to life as plastic models small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Create a scene with these small-scaled and fully articulated characters right on the top of your desk! The choice of characters for the lineup is made based on themes like horror, action, and sci-fi movies, featuring critical motifs such as zombies and bandits. Collect upcoming characters and create a movie studio right before your eyes! That's right, YOU are the director!"

  • Investigation Report 1: ZOMBINOID AGONY
    • As I surveyed the dreary grey scene around me, I spotted a figure lying prone. The pensive look in its dry eyes looked as if even in death, it was still burdened with the weight of mankind. Reflecting on the cruelty of the endless cycle of suffering that is our fate, I turned to leave with a feeling resembling pity or grief in my heart.
  • Investigation Report 2: ZOMBINOID BITER
    • After conducting some tests, I was able to learn more about the behavior of these creatures.
      • 1. They move in groups searching for human flesh.
      • 2. They approach their prey slowly, but there is always one that approaches from a blind spot.
      • 3. They rip through the flesh of their prey with a strength far greater than when they were alive.
    • Although there are many that share these traits, specimens with varying abilities such as running, communicating with their companions, or possessing a certain level of intelligence have been sighted in other regions. Now, let's get out of here before they find us.

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