LEGO Returns Harry Potter Fans to Year 1 With New Anniversary Sets

The LEGO Wizarding World continues to grow as the company reveals new Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone are on the way. In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the film's debut, these sets are perfect collectibles for the occasion. Two sets have been reveals featuring two iconic moments from the film, starting with the First Flying Lesson. The Harry Potter LEGO set is 264 pieces big and comes with three mini-figures with Madam Hooch, Draco Malfoy, and Neville Longbottom. The creed buildings can be rearranged how the builder likes, and all have fun accessories like Quidditch trophy, Neville's Remembrall, broomsticks, and Quidditch equipment. The Hogwarts First Flying Lesson Harry Potter LEGO Set is priced at $29.99, set to release on August 1, 2021. The set will also be the only way to acquire the Golden Professor Quirrell min-figure, too and while pre-orders are not live, the set can be found here.

The wizarding fun does not end there as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley are back once again. This time they must get past the Cerberus guard dog Fluffy as they continue their search for the Sorcerer's Stone. The LEGO Harry Potter set is 397 pieces, features the three main characters, and includes a new buildable and articulated fluffy. The set features a variety of rooms that include Fluffy's room with a harp, secret trap door, Devil's Snare plant trap, and more. The Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter LEGO set is priced at $39.99 and is set to release on June 1 here. The set will also include a golden Hermione Granger mini-figure to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. Be on the lookout more Hogwarts LEGO sets as they will all connect, creating a massive Hogwarts Castle.

"A levitating broom function lets kids play out the famous flying-lesson scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone™ and enjoy endless other airborne adventures. Kids operate 3 long, transparent levers to raise the mini-figures – Madam Hooch, Draco Malfoy™ and Neville Longbottom™ (with his precious Remembrall™) – into the air on their broomsticks. The model separates into 5 rearrangeable modules, including a Quidditch trophy room and storage room with equipment kids can use to practice the legendary flying sport of witches and wizards."


"Put Harry Potter magic into kids' hands with 3 popular minifigures – Harry Potter, Ron Weasley™ and Hermione Granger™ – and Fluffy, the giant, 3-headed Hogwarts dog. Fluffy's legs can be placed into a range of positions and each of the 3 movable heads shows a different expression. The set comprises 5 separate modules that connect in a variety of ways: a large room with a trap door; magic-practice room; rooftop; balcony room; and a room containing the tangled tentacles of the Devil's Snare plant."

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