LEGO Reveals Their First The Eternals Set with A Mighty Battle

The Eternals is the next Marvel Studios journey, and fans can not wait to see what secrets are hidden in the film. These new Marvel Comics characters are finally getting their MCU debut, and LEGO is also bringing them to block form. Kicking off their wave of The Eternals sets is the Rise of the Domo set, coming in at 1,040 pieces with 6 mini-figures and 2 Deviants. The set will allow fans to build their spaceship that is loaded with interior designs that will give these figures a home and safe place from the incoming Deviant attack. Included with this set is Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, and will also be the only way to get LEGO mini-figures of Druig and Phastos.

This is one set that is kicking off the mighty power of this upcoming Marvel Studios film, and it is loaded with the right amount of figures, accessories, and baddies. The Eternals LEGO Marvel Rise of the Domo is priced at $89.99, and pre-orders are set to arrive on October 1, 2021, here. I am sure more Eternals will be on the way, so be sure to build up your Marvel Studios LEGO collectible with these powerful beings in block form.

"LEGO® Marvel Rise of the Domo (76156) lets kids explore the detailed interior of the Eternals' spaceship then recreate the final battle with 6 superhero mini-figures and 2 evil Deviants. If you're looking for a new toy for a youngster, they'll love this warship battle playset. Kids join 6 Eternals – Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig and Phastos – and explore their amazing spaceship. The 3 sides lift open to give access to the cockpit, weapons room, laboratory, and more. But when the evil leader of the Deviants arrives with his accomplice, kids must use the spaceship to overcome the Deviants! If you're buying for a mini-figure fan, this is the only LEGO playset to feature the Druig and Phastos mini-figures!"

  • Includes 6 minifigures – Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi and the exclusive Druig and Phastos – 2 Deviant action figures, including Kro, the Deviant leader, a spaceship, weapons and accessories.
  • Kids use their superhero skills in the final battle between the Eternals and the Deviants. The Eternals' spaceship, with its detailed interior, ensures the imaginative play will be out of this world!
  • Looking for a superhero building toy for kids? This LEGO® Marvel The Eternals playset, with 6 cool minifigures and 2 Deviant action figures, makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids aged 8+.
  • With The Eternals' spaceship measuring over 8" (22cm) long, LEGO® Marvel Rise of the Domo gives kids imaginative superhero action on an epic scale – and looks amazing in any youngster's bedroom.

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