New Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series Figures Revealed at Fan Expo Canada

Hasbro held panels this afternoon at Fan Expo in Toronto and new figures were shown off! Both Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection saw new figures shown off, and four new Marvel Legends, including a pretty sweet build a figure. Let's dive right in.

First in the Star Wars Black Series, Solo: A Star Wars Story baddie Dryden Vos will be releasing in 2019. This figure features an impressive likeness of actor Paul Bettany, and a cool feature revealed at the panel is that his scars will deepen and lighten in color depending on the temperature! He comes with his cool dagger weapons from the film.

Vintage Collection Collectors can add Captain Phasma in 2019 as well. This 3.75 inch figure is super-articulated and is outfitted with her trademark cape and blaster rifle.

As for the new Marvel Legends figures, four reveals were shown. Mystique will be coming on her own as a Walgreens exclusive in 2019, and this already looks like the definitive version of the shape-shifting mutant. They nailed the blue pigment of her skin — it looks incredible.

Since they are in Canada, two reveals to get that crowd pumped were next, with Alpha Flight's Guardian in all his chrome glory joins the BAF Sasquatch soon. Could we get an entire Alpha Flight by the end of 2019? A Weapon X version of Logan also on the way. Man, there has been no shortage of Wolverine figures these last nine months or so, huh? He must sell well or something…

Finally, a BAF of the Wendigo will be available in early 2019. The head sculpt makes him look like a Hulked-out version of Sabertooth, but their BAF's have been pretty darn top notch for a couple years now, so I'm sure the finished product will turn out awesome.

All of these Legends will be out in 2019.

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