Masters of the Universe: Origins- Let's Look at the SDCC Debut Set

Masters of the Universe is going under the biggest renaissance since the 80's right now. With a new film coming, She-Ra all over Netflix, the successful and most talked about episode of The Toys That Made Us, and some of the best memes on the internet, there has arguably never been a better time to be a Masters of the Universe fan. That extends to toys as well. Super7 has done an incredible job continuing the MOTU Classics line, also stepping out and adding ReAction figures and Filmation style figures. They even got a Snake Mountain made. While they will still be producing things going forward, Mattel is bringing it all home.

The big announcement at SDCC at the Mattel booth was the beginning of Masters of the Universe: Origins. These figures will be based on the original figures from the 80's only updated to include modern articulation. Six figures were revealed- He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Man-At-Arms (with mustache), Teela, and Evil-Lyn. They will come on vintage-style MOTU cards and will be in retail stores for $14.99 a figure starting in fall 2020. That is a long wait, but to get collectors excited, they had a two-pack exclusive to kick off the new Masters of the Universe line. We got our hands on one, so let's take a look at it in detail.

First things first, let's talk about this amazing packaging. This may be one of the best toy packages of all-time. The whole thing comes in a outer box to protect it, which you can see above. Once you remove that, you are treated to a wonderful spined box that features tons of artwork and a clear slipcover to hold it all together. Each part of this package tells a story, from Prince Adam becoming He-Man, and giant masters of the Universe logos are everywhere. Just amazing work here, but the real treat is when you open it.

Inside, the box begins with Prince Adam, continues into cardstock comic pages like the old school mini-comics, and finishes with He-Man. The theming around all of this is perfect. It really does tell the classic Masters of the Universe story of Adam changing into He-Man, The pages of the comic are even removable. Further proof that collectors were taken of here? Each figure is housed in the box by a removable front and can slip in and out of the box. I have nothing at all bad to say about this. It is quite literally perfect.

Let's start our look at the figures with He-Man. These figures are based around the original Masters of the Universe mini-comics appearances and concept art, and nowhere is that more apparent than the included foot knife with He-Man. There are two new headsculpts included, along with swappable hands, the Power Sword, battle axe, and shield. To start, I love the new articulation. It FEELS just like a vintage MOTU figure, basically the same height, same weight to it. It is just infinitely more posable. The fact that he can stand up straight and hold his weapons up in the air is fantastic. his hands could be better, he has real trouble holding the Power Sword, as the handle is way too thick. Other than that? It is pretty great. The swappable parts are super simple to remove and replace, he stands really well, and even though I have seen others complaining, I really like the modern head. The vintage one is cool, but that modern head with the yellow hair is fantastic.

Prince Adam is just as great. It is so much fun to get some of these flexing poses and just straight strong guy looks with these figures. Adam has the blue vest and red accents like the mini-comics, and just like He-man, comes with multiple interchangeable hands and heads. Again-I really like the more modern looking Masters of the Universe Classics head. One other area on each but more so on Adam that has fans talking is the groin area, or lack of coverage on it. The loin cloth does look a tad small, but it is way more noticeable on Adam because of the vest. It doesn't bother me, but I understand why some have an issue with it. Once you start posing this guy though, you won't be thinking about it.

Masters of the Universe Origins- Let's Look at the SDCC Debut Set

All in all, this is a spectacular debut for Masters of the Universe: Origins. Now, will the line come with all these interchangeable hands and such and in awesome special packaging? No, they won't. But as long as the top notch sculpting work is there, I am in on these. Especially at that price point. It will be great just to walk into a store and buy MOTU figures again.

This set is burning up the aftermarket right now, but it should also see a small release on the Mattel store soon. I think so anyway, it has been hard to nail down an answer on that. Keep an eye out here and be fast.

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