MOTU Power-Con 2020 Mattel Reveals – New Masterverse Line

There were a lot of Masters of the Universe reveals during Power Con 2020. We have already seen some new MOTU collectibles with Mega Construx, Eternia Minis, and even a third wave of the Origins line. However, those were not the biggest reveals of the convention from Mattel. The biggest announcement was the return of the 7-inch Masters of the Universe figure one with Masterverse. Not much was revealed of the new collectible but plenty was said about the line. To start things off, Mattel did show fans some silhouettes of the design and the packaging. One of the packaging designs even shows off the art of an upcoming Moss Man. The Masterverse series will feature 8 characters at the beginning with more coming in the future. The figures will have 30+ points of articulation, they will be $19.99 each, and are all set for a Summer 2021 release.

This line has lots of promise and myself and other collectors are looking forward to seeing the final reveal. The Masterverse: The Evolution of He-Man will hopefully put the MOTU back in the lime light. With a big comeback of G.I. Joe from Hasbro, I am sure that Mattel can handle this sort of major task. The first wave of character is what will really matter for this new MOTU Masterverse line to thrive and we all know He-Man and Skeletor will be included. I am also curious if we will be variant He-Man figures sort of like how McFarlane Toys handles their Mortal Kombat line. It would be cool to see Faker and Disco Skeletor variants hidden within the release of the normal figures. Only time will tell what Mattel has in store for Masters of the Universe and until then there are plenty of new collectibles to hold fellow collectors over.

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