Mattel Debuts Two New Masters of the Universe Shogun Master Mechs

The Masters of the Universe world just got a whole lot bigger as Mattel Creation unleashed the might of two new Shogun Masters Mechs! He-Man and Faker are getting large and in charge with these powerful 2-foot-tall mechs that are packed with detail. Each of these mechs has wheels on its feet, comes with their own Power Sword, and and features launching fists. These powerful bots capture the iconic mid-80s giant Japanese robot era in glorious fashion, with detail, color, and features. The tides of Eternia fate are balanced here, so it is up to Masters of the Universe fans to choose if they want the He-Man or Faker Shogun. Dedicated fans can go all in and snag up both, but they are priced at $300 each. The power is in your hands, and pre-orders for both Shogun Masters Mechs are live right here with Mattel Creations. Be sure to also be on the lookout for the already released Skeletor Shogun Masters Mech in three different variants to really plunge Eternia into darkness.

Shogun Masters Mech He-Man and Faker Have Arrived 

"Eternia just got bigger with this giant Shogun Masters He-Man and Faker battle bot striding into our MOTU line. At almost two feet tall and armed with a power sword, launching fists, and wheels on his feet – careful! This dangerous doppelganger will reign evil over your MOTU collection. Defend or destroy Eternia and swoop up other Shogun Masters figures to complete the set so they can duke it out in a gigantic display of good versus evil."

  • Shogun MOTU Faker and He-Man Mech
  • Almost 2 feet tall
  • He comes with a power sword, launching fists, and wheels on his feet
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Premium packaging

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