Mattel's Lightyear Hyperspeed Series is Pure Collectible Joy 

Lightyear has received a lot of criticism lately, but from everything we have seen this year, this film is my #1. I absolutely love the Toy Story films, and more specifically, I love me some Buzz Lightyear. I even started to collect solo Buzz Lightyear figures over the past year and fixed them up, which has been a blast. Many of those Buzz figures don't feature that Tim Allen voice, so hearing Chris Evans take the mantle was fine with me. Lightyear was exactly the film I was expecting, and it even expanded the mythos of this iconic Space Ranger. One of the fun aspects of the film is all the new gadgets, weapons, and of course, the ships. Mattel has brought those ships to life with their Disney Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series, and they are incredible!

Our friends over at Mattel sent us some of the new Lightyear Hyperspeed Series to check out, and I love them all. We are currently on Series 1, and it looks like we will (hopefully) be getting all the ships between Buzz's XL-01 to XL-15 and then some. We got five of the first wave of ships with the XL-01,  XL-02,  XL-07,  XL-15, and the Zyclops Pods. Each of these ships is loaded with detail and even comes with a Lightyear pilot. These are very, very, very similar to the Star Wars micro machines from the 90s, and I love it! These are brand new and original ship designs from Lightyear, and they are beautifully done and only priced at $11.99!

These ships feature landing gears, grey and blue colors, and an opening cockpit for each figure. The Zyclops Pods are pretty fun as well, with one opening from dropped unveiling the deadly Zurg bot inside. Speaking of Zurg, we did not get our hands on one (yet), but Mattel's Hyperspeed Series also offer both Zurg's ship and his Mothership! Those are not the only ships either as the Armadillo is also available now as well as more XL's are on the way. Mattel did an incredible job with this line, and they 100% do the film justice, so if you love the film like me, these are a must-own collectible.

This is one line I will be opening as each and every ship needs to breathe and be displayed in action. Mattel's Lightyear Hyperspeed Series is nothing but pure joy with new original spaceships that are somehow also filled with nostalgia. Each ship has its own pilot with a design and function that is just enough for you to enjoy them. I am excited to get some of the other XL ships in my hands and even more excited to see how they compare to Zurg's Mothership. All of these Lightyear Hyperspeed Series are up for purchase right now online here and can be found in-stores right now at most retailers like Target and Walmart. To Infinity and Beyond. 

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