McFarlane Toys Reveals Multiple Flash Figures from The Flash 

A new Multiverse awaits as McFarlane Toys dives into the world of The Flash with the announcement of new figures and vehicles

There are always consequences to changing reality, and Barry Allen is about to find that out in The Flash. This upcoming DCEU Summer blockbuster is stating some big things and is set to change the course of the DC Universe. While we wait for the film to arrive, McFarlane Toys is giving fans a taste of the speed with their new DC Multiverse releases. This includes not one but two different Flash figures are on the way. As seen in the trailer, two Barry Allen's are along for the ride, and they each have their own costume and electric style. McFarlane brings with versions of The Flash to life with some nicely sculpted figures with on-scene costumes and four Speed Force lightning effects. If you need a Flash for your collection, then look no further each figure is priced at $19.99, set for an April 2023 release, and pre-orders are live here. 

Enter the Multiverse with McFarlane Toys and The Flash

"After an accident empowered Barry Allen with the gift of superhuman speed, the young scientist quickly became one of Earth's most heroic defenders: The Flash. As part of The Justice League, Barry has continued to explore the limits of his powers while trying to outrun the events of his childhood. When he discovers that that he has the ability to manipulate time, The Fastest Man Alive races back to a pivotal moment in his past – only to change the future in a Multiverse of ways that he could have never imagined."

"In an alternate 2013 created by the time-travelling Barry Allen, teenage Young Barry has grown up carefree with the support of both his parents but is yet to experience the events that will transform him into The Flash. Full of excitement and wonder at the arrival of his older self, visiting from 2022, Young Barry is eager to discover whether he is able to gain the very same powers and become a superhero in his own right."

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