Let's Take a Look at the Mezco Toyz Living Dead Doll Michael Myers

Michael Myers has joined the Living Dead Dolls line. The mega-popular and always growing line of dolls feature high-quality stitch work, realistic costumes, and and creepiness factor that cannot be overstated. As a huge Halloween fan, any version of Michael Myers is going to be one I have to own, but even I had some trepidation on this one. Dolls are what creep me out to this day, and while I know that they won't come alive and attack me because that is silly. But on the other hand you never know. Alas, when I found this in the store the other day, I bit the bullet and got it. Should you? Let's take a look and find out.

The box is both cool and not the best at the same time somehow. While it shows off the doll well, it is a little boring. The back panel with Michael in the hallway is nice, but overall it feels like a missed opportunity to do something a little more special.

As for Michael Myers himself, he is a treasure. He is a little hard to make stand if you move the legs around too much, but not to the point where he won't stand at all. The mask and hair of course draw the eye right to them, and both are really well done. The hair is rooted in, and was not fraying out a ton right away. From certain angles, it almost looks like he is smiling doesn't it? The knife he comes with is also a little flimsy, but put it in his hand and swing around the arm and you have a classic-looking Michael Myers doll on your hands. I thought there would be a bit more articulation than there is, but this is more a display piece than anything. So in the end, that doesn't matter as much.

Overall, this will more than likely be the only Living Dead Doll I will ever purchase. They just are not really my thing, but since this one is Michael, I wanted it for my collection. The quality is there, and for people who like dolls, I would think this is one they will want.

If you would like to add this to your collection, click here.

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