A-Team Van Coming Soon From Playmobil

After a bunch of leaks and speculation, Playmobil has finally confirmed that they will indeed be releasing the A-Team van with the full team of figures. They will have this set to release on October 25th, so this fall and perfect timing to snag for fans of the show as a Christmas gift. B.A., Face, Murdock, and Hannibal will all be included, and the van itself will have all kinds of functionality and easter eggs that will send fans of the show over the moon. My only complaint is that we don't get movie versions of the figures. I will say something confrontational: I liked the 2010 film way more than the series. There, I said, it. Anyway, you can check out the box for the A-Team van down below.

A-Team Van Coming Soon From Playmobil
Credit Playmobil

Playmobil Does The A-Team Proud

"Forever associated with the A-Team is the sight of red stripes on a shiny black background and large tyre tracks: the A-Team Van, the very personal sanctuary of powerhouse B.A., represents far more than just a mode of transport for the modern-day version of Robin Hood. Packed to the roof with technology and equipment, it is vital to the unconventional team's missions as a mobile operations centre and getaway vehicle. Enthusiasm for the team's vehicle continues unabated: the A-Team Van is a real crowd-puller at almost every fan convention. With the A-Team Van from PLAYMOBIL, fans can now experience the legendary vehicle and their favourite characters at home.  Whether as an unusual table decoration or as the highlight of a display cabinet, the A-Team Van is a perfect addition to any collection. As has come to be expected of PLAYMOBIL, the A-Team Van is as true to the original as possible and is bound to impress not only with its look but also with its many functions to play with."

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