Miss Mindy Batman Exclusives Are Here to Save the Day

Miss Mindy is quite popular for her cartoon folk art designs. Many will describe it as old-timey styled figures or art with characteristics such as big eyes and exaggerated proportions. Inspired by her love for 80s Disney, Betty Boop, and Anime she has pursued her passion as an artist. She is quite known for her Disney figures but this time we are seeing the Dark Knight Batman get cute and adorable with some exclusives. Entertainment Earth and Miss Mandy have teamed up to bring us three special Batman statues. There are three statues all of Batman but one is a pink one, blue and the last one is black. There's not much difference between the three except for the symbols on the back of their cape. They are made of resin and have a glossy touch on it and what does seem like a touch of glitter. He's adorable Batman is perfect for any Batman fan or a fan of Miss Mindy's projects.

The DC Comics World of Miss Mindy Batman Statues Exclusive to Entertainment Earth is priced at $34.99. All three colors blue pink and black are all limited-edition to only 600 pieces. So make sure you snag yours before it's too late. These are in Entertainment Earth exclusive and free orders are available and you can find them here. Don't forget to check out all the other unique in super adorable cartoon folk art from Miss Mindy.

DC Comics The World of Miss Mindy Batman Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

OK, Bat-fan, your "ship has come in." Actually, your Entertainment Earth Exclusive is here! What could be better than a super-cute and collectible Batman statue from acclaimed "Cartoon Folk Artist" Miss Mindy? Made of resin and glossy as can be, this adorably stylized DC Comics The World of Miss Mindy Pink Batman Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive measures about 4-inches tall. And guess what – it's also available in blue and black versions, each sold separately. You're gonna want all three!

Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, California with her artist husband Rick O'Brien and their bilingual circus dog, Radio. "Cartoon Folk Art" is how she describes her fine artwork, which ranges from fluid-ink work to handcrafted dimensional "pop-up" paintings. She's also gained notoriety for her custom vinyls and one-of-a-kind sculptures. For example, her World of Miss Mindy collection, created with Disney and Enesco, has made its way to the world stage. It's hard to find a more delightful, collectible gift than a statue or ornament from Miss Mindy! 

  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive!
  • Super-cute and collectible Batman statue!
  • Created by acclaimed "Cartoon Folk Artist" Miss Mindy.
  • Standing 4-inches tall, it's available in blue, pink, and black.
  • Limited edition only 600 pieces.

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