My Hero Academia Ladies Are in the Spotlight with Bellfine Statues

My Hero Academia Season 3 is right around the corner and I can hardly contain my excitement! Bellfine isn't helping either with reading some amazingly detailed heroic statues. This time we are seeing main heroes like All Might, Bakugo or Deku but some fan favorites! Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui join the stated roster. Ochako was just revealed and it seems the Froppy one slipped under the radar for I just had to show off both. Both My Hero Academia statues come with interchangeable heads, this is for giving us the ability to show off their hero headpieces. The statues also show off words of their abilities which is pretty cool but I'd honestly like it more if it was Japanese writing. That way it would give off that original My Hero Academia Manga feel. They both are detailed to perfection and seem like they came off the screen and onto your shelf. 

My Hero's Ochako and Tsuyu are priced at $190 each. Tsuyu is set for an October 30th release of this year (2019) and Ochako will be hitting around December 18. These two lucky ladies would make any My Hero Academia Fans Collection stand out! 

Go Ultra down below:

From Bellfine. The sweet and cheerful main heroine of My Hero Academia Is now a 1/8th scale figure! Ochako Uraraka comes dressed in her pink and black hero suit, wearing a big smile on her face as she waves! She comes with a base covered in rubble, with her foot attached to the base with a clear plastic part to make it appear as though she's actually levitating. Additionally, she comes with an optional part so you can display her with her helmet on or off! 

December 18, 2019. 189.99


From Bellfine. Wearing her hero suit, Tsuyu leaps into the air with her frog powers, from her big jump to her long tongue. Her base also features a dynamic splash, accompanied by a comic-book style sound effect. Optional parts allow her to be displayed with her helmet off, and without her tongue hanging out. Stands approximately 8" tall. 

October 30th, 2019. $189.99


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