My New Collecting Obsession: Mezco Toyz Gomez

It is not often that a collector like myself really can just get a possessed with a new toy. I've been collecting Funko Pops for the past five years let's come to the point where I've got all the ones I need. There are obviously some exclusive ones out there that people want ridiculous amounts of money like the San Diego Comic Con Loki that is only limited edition to 480 pieces. Until then I have been looking for my next new obsession. I have tried mystery minis in other manager collectibles but recently something else captivated my eye and interests. Mezco Toyz One:12 Collection is an amazing figure series with some high quality action figures with not only great articulation any fabric clothing. I've said it before and I'll say to many times I love it when a figure has fabric clothing. It almost makes it more dynamic than just a normal figure and I just love that. If you dive deeper into the One:12 Collective you find a specific figure called Gomez. 

With the newest release of the Lone Roach and Grub, I decided to dive deeper into the character to find out who this character was. It is the mascot of Mezco that they specifically made for this series and that is fantastic. It's not often that a toy company can create something so original, unique and dynamic that fans are obsessed with. While trying to lock down my own Lone Roach after it sold out at Designer Con 2019 I found all the others you can collect.

All have been convention exclusives, first, there is Gomez: Comic Book Agent who is a secret agent with a wide variety of accessories and even includes a comic book. 

We also have Gomez: Street Edition who comes with a unique eye colored Gomez head and a sweet green sword. Each figure comes with their own specific themed hoverboard and their own accessories.

The more you read about this character none of it makes sense but it makes all the sense in the world. Gomez is a fusion of a cockroach (or bug) and a human. He fights a colorful gang of skull bad guys, has a boom box filled with weapons and rides around on a hoverboard. There are so many amazing collectibles a come out of this character like Stealth Gómez who comes packaged in a special collectible lunchbox and when you pull them out he is filled to the rim of accessories from guns, guns, a hoverboard, bow and arrow, and more guns. 

The details of these characters are amazing and even interchangeable heads are unique and cool turning Gomez the cockroach into Gómez the ant or Gómez the cricket and it is just captivating. The originality of these characters is definitely driving my new obsession and I don't think I will be able to stop until I open them all. Lone Roach is one of my favorites as the character has its own Ronin story to tell with the idea of carrying his own baby clone of himself. He comes decorated with a nice assortment of samurai weapons and gear that can make any collect fall in love. 

My holiday list will definitely have this at one of the top points this year. Who knows if I will get it but with any holiday money sent my way I know I will be going after more Gomez. I salute you Mezco Toyz and thank you for bringing my collecting obsession back. Lone Roach and Grub will be making his way home soon stay tuned for an upcoming review.

Stay Dangerous.  

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