NECA New York Toy Fair: Batman, Predator or More

Of course, there was a lot more at the NECA booth at New York Toy Fair 2020 besides just TMNT and Horror which we covered here. While seeing all the ninja turtle action was nice that wasn't the only thing on display here. One of the biggest surprises was Replica Batman pieces are coming soon! These replicas cover a whole variety of series like Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Beyond, Batman 1989, and Arkham City. All of these are amazing to look at and can easily spice up anyone's batcave. The animated replica is something unique and the special cel shade on the are pretty badass. I would just love to put those Mr. Freeze googles on and take in the winter. Predator made a great appearance too as NECA shows off a lot of 30th-anniversary figures like the Alpha, Lost, Ultimate Scout, and Ultimate Warrior Predators. Packed with detail and accessories these figures are going to be amazing to get our hands on once they get announced. Alien also was there celebrating their 40 years with more figures. My favorite one is the blood covered Xenomorph as it'll defiantly terrify any collection with the design and detail. We also go to see more collectible like Doc Brown and Marty McFly figures from their animated series. While these figures are pretty strange, strange is what we like and that animated DeLorean is amazing! For Back to the Future's 35th anniversary we are also getting "Darth Vader" and a vest styled Marty McFly figures. Gremlins have also created a scene at the booth which was a hilarious delight to behold. Get enough of their Gremlins figures and you too can create an amazing display as they did. So many amazing things will be headed our way from NECA this year and we can wait to see what else is coming just around the corner

Check out the NECA Photo Booth gallery below:

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