New Star Wars TVC Gaming Greats Figures Join the Fight with Hasbro

One of the more interesting Star Wars lines that Hasbro dishes out is their Gaming Greats line-up which is both in The Vintage Collection and The Black Series. There are plenty of legendary Star Wars video games out there, and it is a fantastic idea to want to bring these characters to action figure form. However, I feel like Hasbro's Star Wars team has no idea how to handle the line because all they release is everything but the main characters. Two more The Vintage Collection figures were revealed for the Gaming Greats line, and more Stormtroopers are on the way. At this rate, I am only expecting to see Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers come out of this line, and I am sure it is a cheap sell for them as it is just a repaint and repacks. This time new troopers from the Force Unleashed and Jedi Fallen Order are here. 

Jedi Fallen Order's Heavy Assault Trooper will boost up your army with shied and blaster accessories for the gun. The Stormtrooper Commander from The Force Unleashed is now in 3.75" format with that cool blue deco. These figures are cool, but they are pointless unless we get a new updated Starkiller are Cal Kestis figure for the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection line. Give us more Jedi, and Sith from The Force Unleashed or one of many Cal Kestis outfits to fit the planet he is on. I want the Hasbro team to build a line around the game instead of cherry-picking what is easy for them to make. For army builders, these new Stormtroopers might be needed, and they are set to go live today for pre-order right here and at most online retailers. 

"Check out the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Heavy Assault Stormtrooper from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Stormtrooper Commander from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! Available for pre-order today beginning at 1:00 PM ET at most retailers."

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