Our Top Spider-Verse Marvel Legends Figures That Arrived in 2022

Last year kicked off the 60th Anniversary of Spider-Man, and it is a worthy event to celebrate. Spider-Man has impacted the world in many ways, from TV, movies, and of course, the world of Marvel Comics. Spider-Man is much more than just Peter Parker now, and a whole set of new Spider heroes are continuing to carry his legacy, which is spectacular. Hasbro helped celebrate the webslingers big anniversary event but dropped some incredible figures this year. With the ending of 2022, we wanted to showcase our top Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures that were released. More Spiders will surely arrive this new year as Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters in June, and the Spider-Verse is getting even bigger!

Spider-Man and Spinneret – Renew Your Vows

In continuing their celebration of Spider-Man over 60 Years, Hasbro dished out some sensation comic-themed packs. Coming up next in our top list is Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 2-Packwith Spidey and Spinneret. This comic comes from an alternate reality, and it features a web-powered Mary Jane Watson in her very own suit. Peter and MJ are ready to save the city while also being parents. Hasbro also included unmasked head sculpts for each, which is always a plus, and this set features the brand new updated Spider-Man figure. This version puts Pizza Parker to shame as it features articulated toes, a Spidey Legends collector's dream. Even more poses, more articulation and more web-swinging action are packed in this set, making it the truly best set to date. Their decos are amazing, their articulation is fantastic, and it is a popular comic that deserves its own collectible set. Maybe Anna-May will come along in the future, putting the whole Spidey family together in Marvel Legends format. Fans can find this must-own set right here. 

Spider-Man Noir – The Spider-Verse Lives On

Before the Spider-Verse, there were still plenty of alternate-reality Spider-Men running around. One of which was Spider-Man Noir, which debuted back in 2009 and took place in the 1930s as he stopped Nazis and drank egg creams. His popularity has grown over the years, and he even made it on the big screen with the animated film Into the Spider-Verse. Hasbro finally dropped an exclusive Marvel Legends figure of this design this year based on that design, which was a Target exclusive. This exclusive nearly put all others to shame, and it captured his on-scree appearance perfectly, shading and all. Noir featured a flowing trench coat, gun, swappable head, and a hilarious Spider-Pig. This figure is just beautifully sculpted, has great articulation, and his all-black and white design will pop against any red and blue out there. This release was long overdue and is a necessary and worthwhile figure for any Spider-Verse collection. 

Japanese TV Spidey – Emissary of Hell

Hasbro did a remarkable job capturing the legacy of Spider-Man throughout 2022 for his 60th Anniversary. One of the more unique Marvel Legends releases was Spider-Man from the Japanese TOEI television series! That is right; this Japanese hero was big in the late 70s and even made a return in the Marvel Comics Spider-Verse event. Our hero gained his spider powers from space with the spaceship Marveller. This version of the spider hero gave fans that classic Japanese stylings like Kamen Rider and Power Ranger. Takuya Yamashiro donned the identity of Spider-Man to fight Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army. And even have his own giant robot. Hasbro captured his design perfectly with this release; now we just need a HasLab Leopardon to finish the set. Our Spider-Verse collection awaits this release, and fans can grab one online right now here. Now go forth and fight this great evil for the fate of all spiders!

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