We Unbox the Mezco Toyz the SDCC Booth-in-a-Box

San Diego Comic Con 2020 has ended, and purchases are finally starting to be received. This week I was happily greeted to my Mezco Toyz Booth-in-a-Box. The box came with a big price tag of $170 and is filled with some excellent Mezco swag and a new Gomez One:12 Collective figure. This was honestly one of the highlights of the online San Diego exclusives revealed. Hot Toys was a close second, but the "limited edition" quantities didn't really stick, unlike this box, which sold out near instantly! So let's not wait any longer and unbox this Mezco Booth-in-a-Box.

The box itself Is covered with great art featuring some Mezco Toyz exclusives. Of course, the highlight of the box is Gomez as we get to see him in plenty of his different incarnations from Stealth Ops, Street, and even Lone Roach. The first thing we see when opening the box is Gomez presenting us to this magical box of treasures, and on top is a very special Pink Skulls Chaos Club T-shirt. On the T-shirt, we get lovable pink skulls, and their mayhem blends perfectly with this design. PSCC is one f the more popular Mezco exclusives, so fans will be happy when they see this. Moving on, we have two boxes; the first box is filled with Mezco swag and a 5 Point Gomez. The Roach with the Golden Head returns as a retro figure this time. As a package collector, I will not be opening it, but his detail quite lovely with the slim and slender sculpt. The packaging is worth looking at, too, and on the back, with special stats on Gomez and his sidekick Boom Boom. The other goodies in the box are an All-Access Pass and a Gomez themed Mezco Toyz lanyard. We also get an H-Squad patch, two stickers, golden Mez-itz, and of course, my personal favorite of the entire box the Gomez pin. This pin is the perfect representation of the year 2020 and all of its masked fashion, and it will be the perfect piece for all your 2020 clothes.

We Unbox the Mezco Toyz the SDCC Booth-in-a-Box

We now move onto the main event from the San Diego Comic Con 2020 Mezco Toyz Booth-in-a-Box. Clan of the Golden Dragon One:12 Collective figure was the highlight of this box. This new original ninja is ready for action and packed with a huge variety of accessories. These Gomez figures are very sought after by the Mezco community, and this one will be up there and is currently taking the cake. There was a White and a Black assassin figure similar to this Golden one but was exclusive to Asian markets. It took some time, but the states finally got their own but are packed in golden glory. You can check out the full reveal of the figure here for more of what is included. The box is currently sold out, but if you can join the waitlist and hopefully luck will be on your side. Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective fans and Gomezheads can find the links for that waitlist here. Stay on the lookout for another Gomez to be heading out a way around NYCC 2020, until then stay safe and wear a mask (like Gomez).

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