Hot Toys Teases Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bodega Cat Suit Figure

One of the biggest things to come out of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the newly created costumes. Miles Morales has not been in the comic book world for that long compared to others like OG Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. This means the long-lasting characters have a long history with new costumes that are iconic for each. Insomniac continued the costume selection feature in the Miles Morales game, but it involved them created their own unique costumes. While some comic book costumes did make it in the game, like The End, 2020 Variant, and Into the Spider-Verse, others are original creations. These suits include the STRIKE suit, Programmable Matter Suit, Purple Reign, and the fan-favorite Bodega Cat Suit. The Bodega Cat Suit shows Miles and his partner Spider-Man (the cat's name is Spider-Man), and Hot Toys is bringing this suit to life.

Recently revealed during the Sideshow Collectibles Micro Con Digital Event, fas for to see an unclose look ash the upcoming figure. Spider-Man: Miles Morales fans have already seen 1/6 scale figures from the Winter Suit and the 2020 suit, making this the game's third figure. Spider-Man is fully detailed and will feature his headphones, hoodie, and backpack holding Spider Cat. This will be an excellent collectible for any fan of the series, and while pre-orders are not live yet, fans can RSVP for one here. Miles Morales continues to get more popular, and I can not wait to see the figure's full reveal and what other costumes are up Hot Toys sleeves next.

"Hey Spider-Man fans, presenting the Miles Morales (Bodega Cat Suit) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys. This piece is inspired by the Marvel's Mile Morales video game and was featured in the Micro Con Digital Event in the Sideshow Booth. Pre-orders will be available in the near future. RSVP for more updates."

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