Let's Take a Look at the Star Wars Black Series Gamorrean Guard

Star Wars Black Series collectors will want to check their local Target shelves. That way they can get their hands on one of the finest figures released in the line since its inception. The Gamorrean Guard is a criminally underproduced character for such a unique design. Every time they release another version of the fearsome pig-like creature it sells out and becomes huge on the aftermarket. This one will be no different.

Hey Hasbro, lend me your ear for a second. I love the Black Series packaging, I do. But after a few years now, we need something fresher. Like when the Spirit Obi-Wan Walgreens exclusive had blue accents instead of the tried and true red. It made the whole thing feel fresh. So, maybe not the boxes themselves, as they are great to display, but maybe for each new wave or film a different color scheme could work? Just a suggestion.

The main event is the figure of course, and this one is frankly a must-own. This is one of the most impressive and accurate figures Hasbro has done yet. The soft goods are awesome, he is well-articulated, and has no trouble holding his various axes. The best part is by far the Gamorrean Guard's articulated jaw. The whole headsculpt is great, but the jaw just goes to show that the design team has our best collecting interests at heart. This is the best Gammy Guard figure since the original Kenner figure, and it is not even close.

Between this amazing sculpt and all of the great work they are doing with the new face print tech, the Star wars team over at Hasbro is firing on all cylinders. If you want to add this guy to your collection, you have two options. One: you can try your local Target, since this is their exclusive. Two: you can try to catch it on the web store here.

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