Star Wars Rogue One Shoretrooper Squad Leader Deploys At Hot Toys

The Shoretrooper Squad Trooper is reporting for duty as Hot Toys unveiled their newest Star Wars 12" figure. This time we get one of the hit character designs to come out of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This Squad Leader is packed with a great sculpt, design, 30 points of articulation, and accessories. With his rank increase, the figure will feature an added blue deco on his shoulder and chest to make him stand out. The colors, weathering effects, and fabric elements really make this figure stand out compared to other trooper classes out there. The Star Wars Shoretrooper Leader will come with six swappable hands, a rifle, and a display stand. This is one unique trooper and will be a great addition to expand your Empire collection.

Rogue One was an amazing Star Wars story that expanded the world we already knew. One of the biggest things to come out of it was the expansion of the Stormtroopers. These new trooper classes are still used in stories today, as seen in The Mandalorian. The Star Wars Shoretrooper Squad Leader features a unique armor sculpt and is packed with detail that will be fun to display. Pre-orders, price, and release dates are not known just yet, but the Hot Toys should put up links today and here. Don't forget to check out some of the other gaming Star Wars figures also coming soon from Hot Toys to enhance your growing collection.

"Specialist stormtroopers stationed at the top-secret Imperial military headquarters on Scarif, Shoretroopers patrol the beaches and bunkers of the planetary facility. Today Hot Toys is excited to announce the 1/6th scale collectible figure of the Shoretrooper Squad Leader as one of the latest addition to the Star Wars collectibles line up. The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of the Shoretrooper Squad Leader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, featuring highly detailed helmet and armor with weathering effect, meticulously tailored outfit, a blaster rifle, detailed utility belt with pouch and a display base. The Shoretrooper Squad Leader will be a great addition to your Imperial army!"


  • Product Code: MMS592
  • Product Name: Shoretrooper Squad Leader™
  • Height: Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Points of Articulations: 30
  • Special Features: Shoretrooper Squad Leader's blue, white and light tan colored armor with weathering effects

The 1/6th scale Shoretrooper Squad LeaderTM Collectible Figure special features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Shoretrooper Squad Leader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Finely crafted helmet and body armor with specially applied distress effects and decals
  • Body with over 30 points of articulations
  • Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Six (6) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
  • One (1) pair of fists
  • One (1) pair of relaxed hands
  • One (1) pair of hands for holding rifle


  • One (1) Shoretrooper Squad Leader's blue, white and light tan colored armor with weathering effects
  • One (1) black-colored undersuit
  • One (1) red-colored bicep armor for upper right arm
  • One (1) utility belt with attached skirt piece
  • One (1) pair of brown colored pants
  • One (1) pair of armored boots with weathering effects


  • One (1) blaster rifle


  • Figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate


  • Figure Painted by Lok Ho
  • Figure Art Directed by JC. Hong

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