"Street Fighter" Cammy Gets Three New Statues from PCS Collectibles

The Street Fighter franchise has some dedicated fans out there and these statues are for them. Cammy is making her way into the fight with not one but three new statues all featuring one of her skins over the years. Of the costumes, we are getting Street Fighter 2 Classic, Killer Bee from Street Fight Alpha and the notorious Shadaloo Doll clone of the expert assassin, Decapre from Street Fighter 3. Each one has its own flavor even though they are all in the same pose The textures and tones on these statues are highly detailed and any fan of the series should surely add these lovely ladies to their collection.

Each Cammy Street Fighter Statue by PCS Collectibles will be priced at $925 each. Or you can buy all three together that will come with a special art print for $2700 and there are only 75 of these sets available. You can find the bundled set here.

"You must enjoy being beat! Let me remodel your face one more time!"

Credit: PCS Collectibles

Cammy: Evolution Collectible Set by PCS Collectibles

"A rematch? Maybe some other time when I don't have a mission to worry about."

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Cammy: Evolution 1:3 Scale Statue Set, expanding your roster of Street Fighter collectibles. This incredible collection captures three distinct versions of the iconic character Cammy from throughout the Street Fighter series in astonishing size and detail.

Credit: PCS Collectibles

The Cammy: Evolution 1:3 Scale Statue Set includes her Killer Bee and SF2 Classic looks as well as the devious Decapre, a Shadaloo Doll clone of the expert assassin. Her muscular physique and overall look are recreated based on in-game models to give fans accurate, high-fidelity collectibles of the second lady of Street Fighter.

Credit: PCS Collectibles

Each statue in the Cammy: Evolution 1:3 Scale Statue Set measures 28" tall, standing on a bridge inspired by the in-game English Manor stage from the Street Fighter series. Base to base the collection measures 39" wide, creating an epic display on your shelf. Each statue features a mixed media costume with a tailored fabric bodysuit in addition to sculpted accessories like her gloves, hat, and boots. Decapre also includes two distinct portraits- an unmasked face that reveals her burn scars, and a masked face with red eyes. The masked portrait includes a light-up feature on the eyes as an exclusive display option for the Cammy: Evolution set. Striking an intimidating pose, Cammy is ready to Delta Drive her way to victory versus any foe.

Credit: PCS Collectibles

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition of the Cammy: Evolution 1:3 Scale Statue Set also includes a signed 11×17" art print by artist Edwin Huang depicting all three versions of the elite assassin. These exclusive accessories make this set a must-have for diehard fans of the Street Fighter series!

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Take your Street Fighter collection to the next level and bring home the Cammy: Evolution 1:3 Scale Statue Set by PCS Collectibles today!

Credit: PCS Collectibles

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