Super Impulse Shrinks Down Dance Dance Revolution For Your Figures

Yesterday we talked about the amazing Tiny Arcade Atari 2600 from Super Impulse that adds some much-needed flavor to your figure displays. Well, the fun from Super Impulse does not end there as they also sent us a miniature Dance Dance Revolution arcade game to check out. Both Tiny Arcade systems blew me away and definitely deserved their own spotlight especially, the Tiny Arcade Dance Dance Revolution. The hit arcade game comes home like never before with a fully functional DDR game with three songs to choose from. Fans play the dancing game with their fingers and do have three different difficulties to choose from.

However, the Tiny Arcade and World's Smallest line-up of collectibles from Super Impulse are quite popular for action figure displays. Dance Dance Revolution can now spice up your displays with a truly unique design and aesthetic. The size is a little smaller than what you'd expect for a 1/12 figure, but it didn't matter as everything just fits together when everything is set up. I used my Pink Skulls Chaos Club figures from Mezco Toyz and they just had a blast on this bad boy. I do wish there as more lights on the DDR system itself, but for $20, you're already getting a pretty sweet miniaturized collectible.

Super Impulse really makes the arcade come to life with these Tiny Arcade systems, and I hope to see more of these bigger machines. Besides the display capabilities, the machine works great with a fun interactive design that can give Dance Dance Revolution fans a challenge if they want one. This is an all-around great collectible for fans out there with a fun design, great size, and brings the arcade home like never before. Tiny Arcade systems are available for purchase right here and are sure to check out some of the other great miniature collectibles Super Impulse has with video game consoles (here), action figures, retro toys, and so much more.

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